Weld studs

Weld studs

What are weld studs?

Weld studs are available in a broad number of designs, including threaded, unthreaded, tapped, and so on, as well as a variety of sizes and forms to accommodate the many different uses.
Instantaneous end-joining of a weld studs to a metal workpiece results in a permanent bond that is of superior quality and exceptional strength. (Check out the video demonstration.)

The welded studs fastener and the base metal don’t need to be made of the same material. As an illustration, it is possible to weld together combinations such as brass and copper, brass and steel, copper and steel, and other such combinations.

Weld Stud specifications, dimensions and weight

Weld Stud Specifications

Weld Stud Dimensions

Weld Stud Weight Chart

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How are shear studs installed?

Step 1: Fill
The stud welding cannon either manually or automatically inserts a weld stud fastener.

Step 2. – Position the studs welding gun.
The work surface is positioned such that the studs welding gun is firmly in contact with it.

3. Light a fire
In a split second, the weld stud fastener is welded after the studs welding gun is triggered.

In a split second, the fastener is welded after the studs welding gun is triggered. The fastener and base metal weld instantaneously gain their full strength.

Always check threaded stud welder installation process and weight chart as per ISO 13918/ DIN 525 standard

Can you weld studs?

Everywhere in the metalworking and construction industries, studs welding has proven to be a reliable method for securely and affordably joining threaded studs, internally threaded bushes, or pins to sheet metal – “studs welding produces unseen connections.”

From steel construction, bridge construction, composite construction, and facade construction to a power plant, industrial furnace, general mechanical engineering, apparatus construction, vehicle and shipbuilding, boiler, tank, and plant engineering, as well as the household and electrical industries, the range of applications are extensive.

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What is a weld stud used for?

Application areas in metal construction:

  • The fabrication of switch cabinets, apparatus, and enclosures
  • household appliances, commercial kitchens, the food business, and catering. Vending machines (beverage, food, and cigarette vending machines).
  • Medical and laboratory technology
  • Fixtures
  • Engineering of facades
  • Insulation engineering (climate insulation)
  • “Unmarked rear side” – Door, window, and façade construction – Vehicle construction
  • Steel building design
  • Thermal insulation; shipbuilding
  • The procedure of attaching fasteners to metal sheets via stud welding is incredibly flexible.
  • Operators can create stronger welds either automatically or manually by using weld studs.
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How strong is a stud weld?

Steel with a low carbon content that has a minimum tensile strength of 60,000 psi, a minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi, and an elongation in 2 inches of at least 20%. After undergoing the annealing process, the tensile strength increases to 50,000 psi, the yield strength increases to 35,000 psi, and the elongation increases to 25%.

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What grade are weld studs?

AWS Specifications D1.1, D1.5, and/or D1.6 are frequently used to manufacture complete welding studs. On-demand, threaded weld studs and no-thread weld studs that meet different international criteria are available. If certifications are necessary, kindly request them when placing your purchase and in the quotation details.

Threads: The chart below shows the external and internal thread standards for imperial and metric threads. Threads will be quoted according to these common thread standards unless differently requested or quoted.