Zinc plated anchor bolts

Zinc Plated Anchor Bolts

What are zinc plated anchor bolts?

A zinc plated anchor bolt is coated with electropolished zinc. The Zinc Plated Anchor Bolts are used to connect structural steel elements directly to concrete. These bolts have superior resistance to corrosion and oxidative media. A Zinc Plated Anchor Bolt helps transfer load and resist wear resistance to prevent tension force. These bolts are coated with a thickness of 0.2 mils. The Zinc Expansion Anchors have a bright finish that gives them an aesthetic outlook. The coating of these anchors is affordable and reliable. These Zinc-plated Chemical Anchor Bolts are designed in L-shaped, double end rods, headed and swedge grade specifications. The versatile Zinc-plated Shield Anchor Bolts can be custom designed in different sizes to suit all customer requirements.

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Zinc Plated Anchor Bolts specifications

Zinc Plated Anchor Bolts Specifications

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Can I use a zinc wedge anchor outside?

A zinc wedge anchor has good resistance to corrosive media but is not well-versed to work in outdoor conditions. If a Zinc Wedge Anchor is used in outdoor environments, these anchors may easily rust and corrode.

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How do you install zinc anchors?

Zinc anchor bolts are used to connect heavy items efficiently. The Zinc Coated Concrete Anchor Bolt can be installed in a pre-drilled hole using a wrench or hammered using a hammer.

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How deep should anchor bolts be in concrete slab?

The anchor bolts in concrete slab should not exceed less than 381mm in masonry, while 178mm in concrete. The hole to install the Zinc Anchor Bolt should be drilled between 1/4 to 1/2 into the base material to penetrate the anchor.

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What are the applications of zinc plated sleeve anchors in any industry?

Zinc plate sleeve anchors are versatile and are employed to connect different materials. The Zinc Plated Sleeve Anchor is used in concrete, brick, and block base material. These anchors are well-suited in light to heavy-duty applications.

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What are the steps to prevent zinc coated epoxy anchor bolts from corrosion?

Zinc epoxy anchor bolts are known for their superior corrosion resistance. The Zinc Epoxy Anchor Bolt has to be maintained to protect them against corrosion. Further, the bolts can be galvanized or sacrificial coated to give them enhanced tolerances.