Aluminum angle

Aluminum angle

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The correct-sized product for the industrial application is critical for optimal performance. An aluminum angle is a preferred component for fabrication. Corrosion resistance and high tensile strength lend them utilities in industries like construction, automobiles, and farming equipment. At, buyers can find authentic and trustable providers for these products per specific requirements.

This portal prioritises simplicity and trust, listing only the top ten manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, or stockists. You don’t need to check numerous listings only to find the required size is unavailable. We also provide a live chat to contact the vendors for a quote. You can select the best supplier who fits your budget.

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Compare the price of an aluminum slotted angle between India and Italy.

Slotted angles boast a flexible design that lends itself to customisation based on client specifications. An aluminum slotted angle can save costs, time, and labour effort.

Among the top global suppliers of these products are India and Europe. Customers can procure a 5mm slotted angle for around Rs 90 per kilogram in India. The prices in Italy tend to be higher. The average aluminum export price is over $2,500 per ton – a significant increase from previous years. Your budget and logistical requirements will dictate the sourcing criteria for your application.

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Uses and sizes of an aluminum architectural angle and L angle

Architectural angles are integral in construction and fabrication. An aluminum architectural angle has a 90-degree angle, square inner and outer corners, and uniform thickness. Compared to the structural option, it is lighter and more cosmetic in itsuses. Its main uses are architectural trim,fabrication, and decorative projects. The sizes can vary considerably, from ½” to 4”.

Contrastingly, an aluminum L angle offers greater strength and utility for construction and fabrication. These products are ductile and weldable. Moreover, they are also quick to clean and suited to cooler temperatures. You can find angles with a thickness of 3mm-15mm and a length of up to 6 metres.

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In which country can I get a better price for an aluminum double angle and a perforated angle?

Double angles are perfect for framing needs in doors, windows, flights, etc. An aluminum double angleis versatile and durable with reinforced corner joints. It is easy to install and connect, making it a widely used component. The average price in India is Rs 220 –Rs 300 per kilogram.

Some buyers may also seek an aluminum perforated angle, another name for a slotted angle. They have multi-directional holes, slots, or perforations. It is a diverse product for frames, decoration, display, body panels, etc.

Vendors for these components are around the globe, including China, India, and the United States. Customers can get competitive rates from Indian and Chinese companies due to their large production capacities and export facilities.

You can now buy Aluminum structural angle and Polished aluminum angles from leading manufacturers in the Middle East and South Korea

4 things you need to remember while buying an aluminum structural angle and polished aluminum angles

An aluminum structural angle works in braces to provide strength and support. The moisture-resistant, lightweight, and compact design lets it fit different sectors.

Polishing aluminum creates a smooth surface texture that resists localised corrosion. A polished aluminum angle does not rust easily and can operate in harsh environments.

  • Application-specific requirement: Aluminum is suitable for lightweight uses in corrosive environments.
  • Required dimensions: Clients must share the desired dimensions and specify if they need non-standard sizes.
  • Desired testing: Standard tests include PMI, tensile strength tests (120-420Mpa), etc.
  • Long-term performance: It will depend on the environmental exposure as the durability decreases with overexposure to corrosive agents. Routine maintenance is necessary for a longer service life.
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What are a 45 degree aluminum angle and a right angle bar?

Manufacturers can produce angles to conform to different specifications and designs. A 45 degree aluminum angle has legs forming a 45-degree angle. Architectural applications, fabrications, etc., use these components. These V-shaped angles are easy to use and install for decorative uses. However, they are less popular than their L-shaped counterparts.

An aluminum right angle bar is the standard 90-degree component with two legs that create a right angle. It gets widely used in manufacturing, walkways, and machine parts. Customers can order equal (same-length legs) or unequal (different sizes) angles.