Mild steel beam

Mild steel beam

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Price comparison of mild steel structural beam between India and the USA

Mild steel comprises a low percentage of carbon (0.05% to 0.25%). This unique composition makes it ductile, weldable, and machinable for different purposes. A mild steel structural beam most commonly gets employed in construction for structural support. It is vital for bridges, shipbuilding, etc., to handle stress, load, and vibration.

The persistent demand for this product has increased the available suppliers globally. India is one of the major exporters of stainless steel. Customers can purchase an MS high beam for approximately Rs 35,000 per ton.

The USA is also an attractive option to source these components because of quality assurance and the availability of custom options. The prices in the US for mild steel I beam are higher than their counterparts in India.

View Mild steel h beam and MS lifting beam dimensions and weight chart

What are the common sizes of a mild steel H beam? What is MS lifting beam weight calculation formula?

Beams get produced in various sizes for industries like pharmaceuticals, food processing, and petrochemicals. Mild steel beam sections can range from 6 to 18 metres. The standard dimensions are 100 x 100 to 350 x 350, with possible lengths up to 100 feet.

An MS lifting beam transforms loads into bending forces applied to that structure. It gives lifting points and manages unbalanced loads. Customers determine the weight while planning costing with this formula:

W = (Fw x 2M x D) + (Ft x [H – 2M])

Fw = Flange width

M = Mean flange thickness

D = Density of mild steel used in the MS beam

Ft = Flange thickness

H = Height

Importers of mild steel I beam and the universal beam would be good choices to buy in small quantities in Dubai

Top 6 differences between mild steel I beam and the universal beam

Some industries refer to an MS I beam and H beams as universal beams or columns. The difference is in the shape of their cross-section (I-shaped vs H-shaped). A mild steel universal beam of an H shape gets favoured in construction projects like residential buildings and civil engineering work like bridges.

I Beam Universal H Beam
Thickness& Weight Less Thicker and heavier
Strength and durability Less More, better strength-to-weight ratio
Load tolerance Lower Better, can handle twisting loads
Range Work for smaller spans Can work for spans up to 330 feet
Cost Incurs lower costs and time in support structures Better overall; incurs lower substructure costs
Bending resistance Lower High
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Properties of mild steel sections for construction

Construction-grade material must be weldable, durable, and capable of bearing loads. Mild steel sections display these essential traits, which makes them favoured for buildings, bridges, and residential complexes. It is also a cost-effective option compared to some other grades. Other properties of this material that suit the construction sector are:

  • Ductility: An MS H beam does not crack upon stretching.
  • Malleability: Mild steel can get formed into various shapes as required.
  • Compliance: It adheres to standard norms for seismic tolerance, fire, rot, and insect damage.
  • Versatility: A mild steel H beam can get used for outdoor structures that demand weather-proofing.
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What is the critical temperature for mild steel beam sections? Approx price per meter in China & India

The critical temperature refers to the maximum temperature at which the metal (in this case, mild steel) can get separated into two different phases. An MS steel section undergoes recrystallization and a phase change at this temperature. Mild steel displays a higher value – between 1450°C and 1520°C – because of its lower carbon content.

Among the top exporters of an MS UC beam are India and China. The standard rate for these products in India is around Rs 35,000 per ton. China can offer excellent rates as well. Some suppliers can deliver these components at $299 to $499 per ton, amounting to Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000. Lengths of 6 metres are standard.