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Steel angle specification

Steel angle specification

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A steel angle is a roll-formed steel that is formed by bending a single angle in a piece of steel. The Steel Angle is L shaped and most commonly available at a 90 degree angle. These angles are used in a number of industries and are seen in framing, brackets, trim reinforcements, etc. The L Angle is a popular structural material that is used in bridge, building, construction, and engineering applications. This Architectural Angle has excellent strength and outstanding corrosion resistance properties, making them reliable in different environments. The Angle Bar can be surface treated, hot dip galvanized, or painted.


Steel Angle


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Equal Angle vs Unequal Angle

Steel angles are designed in either equal or unequal angles. An Equal Angle device has 2 axis that are of the same length. These angles are common types of steel sections that are made with different specifications, making them highly versatile. An Unequal Angle is also has a right angle, however, they have different sized axis making them L shaped. This section is much stronger and has a higher strength to weight ratio.


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How Steel Channel Can be bend?

Steel Angle

there are 3 method of channels bending

  • With The Flanges Out
  • With The Flanges In
  • The Hard Way

“Flanges in” and “flanges out” are simplest method for bending channed, The “hard way” is the most challenging method of channel bending. channels are frequently utilised as stiffeners On curved sheets or plates, as machinery’s component parts, as tanks’ cradles,serving as trays for electrical wiring


U Channel vs C Channel

A metal Channel is a roll formed metal strip that is very sturdy and durable. Different types of material are utilized in producing Channel Sections. These sections are shaped in the form of a tube or can be shaped in the U and C type section.

  • The C Channel is a hot rolled product that can be shaped in a C cross section on its shape. These channels are connected by having two connected legs by a web and are called Structural Channels.
  • A U Channel is similar to a C section but is designed with a U cross section. They are tall, skinny, and have deeper channels.


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Whar are Different type of Steel Angle

  • Equal Leg Angle
  • Angle Bar
  • Unequal Angle
  • Unequal Leg Angle
  • Equal Angle
  • L Angle
  • Architectural Angle
  • Equal Angle Bar
  • Extruded Angle
  • Structural Angle
  • Angle Sections
  • Right Angle Trim
  • Right Angle
  • Slotted Angle
  • Sheet Angle
  • Screed Angle
  • Trim Angle
  • Z Angle
Steel Angle


What are H Beam, I Beam & T Beam?

A Steel Beam is a structural element that is applied laterally to the beam’s axis. These beams are utilized to support heavy loads and come in different shapes. An H Beam is heavier and requires more force. These beams are designed to have an H shape and are incredibly strong. The I Beam is shaped like an I. These beams consist of two horizontal planes known as flanges which are connected by a vertical component or web. A T Beam is narrower than an ordinary beam and is shaped in the form of a T. These beams act integrally to resist loads.


Based On Cross Sections How Steel Beam is Classified ?

How Steel Beam is Classified


Uses & Applications of Structural Channels, Angle & Beam

Beams, Angles and Channels are high strength equipment that supports different applications. The steel angles are seen in bridges, shelves, warehouses, benches, frames, etc. Channels are utilized in supporting roofs, windows, door frames, trailers, etc. Structural Beam is common in construction and architectural sectors in commercial and residential sectors.


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