Aluminum beam

Aluminum beam

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Compare the price of an aluminum U beam between India and Thailand.

Beams are indispensable in construction to extend structural support and tolerate stress. The persistent demand for an aluminum U beam has led to a rise in the available global suppliers. India and Thailand are prominent exporters of these products. Customers can purchase these beams for approximately Rs 150 to 220 per kilogram in India. Some providers can deliver single pieces at around Rs 2,400 apiece for beams measuring 350mm x 300mm.

Thailand has emerged as another option to procure aluminum products at attractive prices. In 2021, aluminium exports in Thailand stood at USD 2.88 billion. The average prices are 83,000 Baht (around 2 lakhs) per metric ton. The prices are comparable, but your final choice should consider logistics and availability.

Ask for mill test reports when buying aluminum h beam and truss beam from manufacturers

Quality process for an aluminum H beam and a truss beam

H beams or wide flange beams are standard in architecture and construction to deliver strength and durability. Since an aluminum truss beam may not be mass-produced, proof-testing is vital. These products, stiffened by braces, are best over longer spans.

A strict quality process from production to delivery limits defects like cracks, distortion, and inability to handle the required maximum stress. Typical tests for an aluminum H beaminclude flexure testing to gauge the resistance to bending and impact and load testing for checking the weight tolerance. Many manufacturers conduct the recommended tests and show the results in the Mill Test Certificate (MTC). Clients can opt for additional lab examination or third-party inspection as part of their quality management protocol.

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What are aluminum shoring beams and a box beam?

Shoring beams usually provide temporary support in construction projects during the hardening and strengthening phase of the concrete. Aluminum shoring beams extend support and manage the load to avoid collapse. Their temporary nature sometimes gives them the name “falsework”. The typical uses are roof shuttering, stairs, tunnels, and other areas of building construction.

A box beam uses a solid, lasting design to resist bending and deformation. An aluminum box beam has a simple rectangular shape and displays good strength and structural integrity. It often covers up wiring or plumbing in buildings.

View standard dimensions and sizes of Extruded aluminum I beam and c beam

What are the sizes of an extruded aluminum I beam? How much weight can an aluminum C beam hold?

The manufacturing technique for this component is extrusion, i.e., forcing the metal through a die to mould it into the required shapes. An extruded aluminum I beam may undergo anodisation for corrosion resistance or tempering for extra strength. These beams provide support in building construction.

I beams have two horizontal flanges and a vertical web, with the height exceeding the width. The standard sizes are a depth of 3-12″, a width of 2.5-7″, and a flange thickness of 0.2-0.6″.

An aluminium C beam can carry a significant amount of weight: 10,000 to 75,000 pounds. You can order beams measuring 2-5 meters that hold as much as 1,500 kilograms.

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Why should you use aluminum for structural beams?

Using aluminum for structural applications lends considerable advantages in strength and corrosion resistance. The reflective properties are also advantageous, keeping buildings cool and lowering electricity costs. Since it is a recyclable material, it helps industries opt for greener solutions.

However, the lightweight nature of structural aluminum beams is the stand-out property. These products can undergo machining, casting, forming, etc.

Commonly, these beams work in cladding systems, glass windows, roofs, railings, shelves, and doors. They are easy to connect to other structural components and cement the foundation of facades, frames, brackets, etc.