Stainless steel channel

Stainless steel channel

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The Middle East has a continuous demand for industrial products of top-notch quality. But connecting to the right provider for the desired raw materials or products can be tricky. The portal helps you find the top ten dealers for a stainless steel channel. We separate manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and stockists for these structural support components.

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C channels have three stretches angled to resemble the letter C. They have immense application in many industries for structural support and strength. A 304 SS channel can serve versatile purposes, such as absorbing sound created by vibrations on the sides of walls and supporting cabin seats on aircraft.

Buyers from the Middle East can acquire these components locally in the UAE. Another option is to select a provider based in India. The latter can prove cheaper despite the logistics of transport and delivery. Some stockists and distributors in India can offer high-quality products at prices as low as ₹ 260 to ₹ 300 per kilogram. Unsurprisingly, the UAE imports a large chunk of its stainless steel requirements from India.

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Stainless steel U channel vs unistrut channel

A U channel is popular in lightweight and decorative applications in architecture and construction. This component has long sides and a short middle. A stainless steel U channel resembles the letter U, but the width (of the base) and the height (of the sides) can change based on usage. Also called a parallel flange channel, this component requires trickier and costlier manufacturing because of the geometry.

In comparison, a stainless steel unistrut channel has standardisation and simpler manufacture and installation. Unistrut is a trusted US company (now Atkore International) that builds these channels.

The term stands for a pioneering metal framing system that does away with the need for welding. Multiple sectors, from aviation to automotive and construction, use these channels.

Always ask for the necessary NDT test results for the stainless steel c channel and 304 ss channel

Testing requirements for a stainless steel C channel

These channels provide long-lasting support and strength to other components in the industrial setup. A C channel can get shaped from a basic U shape by adding flanges to the sides or crimping them. Their uses are diverse – from walls and ceilings to bridge decks and a stainless steel drainage channel.

Manufacturers perform tests for chemical composition, hardness, pitting resistance, mechanical properties, and intergranular corrosion. It assesses if a product like an SS316 channel (with molybdenum) fits your unique application needs, like exposure to seawater and chloride ions.

Besides these, customers can also request third-party inspection and lab test reports from accredited laboratories. Both destructive and non-destructive tests (NDT) can provide quality assurance for these channels.

Refer to sizes, dimensions, and weight chart of stainless steel drainage channel and strut channel

What is the maximum length of a C channel? How can you check the weight?

A C channel enjoys widespread popularity due to easy hot rolling and processing. A stainless steel C channel can deliver excellent strength to support industrial applications, construction projects, framing, and beams for buildings. Lengths of 3 to 6 metres are standard. However, manufacturers can provide these channels in customer-specific sizes of 7.5 or 9 metres. Lengthier becomes unwieldy and creates installation challenges.

The weight (W) varies with chosen length, thickness, and material density. It can get calculated by:

W = Mean slant height x Length x Thickness x Density

You can directly ask for a quote from listed importers of stainless steel unistrut channel and l channel in the Middle East and Asia

3 advantages of Unistrut channel and L channel

Heating and cooling systems require channels that can hold ductwork. An SS316 unistrut channel can tolerate the resulting weight and pressure without a hassle and act as a support system for industrial installations. It can connect to existing structures, walls, floors, etc. A stainless steel L channel can act as a bracket to connect two Unistrut components.

  • Open design: It facilitates installation and maintenance. Customers can seek slotted, plain, shallow, or deep channels.
  • Easy to adjust: It can adapt to changing requirements. For instance, you can use brackets, nuts, bolts, etc., to connect the stainless steel strut channel to other structures.
  • Wide application: These channels work well in air conditioning systems, industrial equipment, electrical work, buildings, etc.