Stainless steel tee section

Stainless steel tee section

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Timely availability of raw materials and final products is essential for industrial buyers. A stainless steel tee section is a frequently utilised component in construction to bear loads and bring structural stability. Clients may have to pay an extra commission to a supplier if they purchase it at the last minute for urgent delivery. At, we have the best solution to eliminate this extra charge.

Buyers can view the top ten providers of the required product and contact them through live chat for an immediate quote. Our portal demarcates manufacturers, distributors, stockists, and dealers. Often, a specific product may be available at a commission from a stockist. Another vendor may be able to deliver it at a lower rate within the timeframe.

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Compare the price of an SS 304 T section between India and Europe

Their ‘T’ shaped cross section gives these products their name. Grade 304 is a durable choice for a T section due to its chromium-nickel composition. These products exhibit corrosion resistance and allow easy maintenance.

Many global industries turn to India to procure an SS 304 T section at wholesale rates. The rough cost is Rs 60 to Rs 75 per foot for a 2-12 mm thickness. Clients can get longer ones – 3000mm or more – at approximately Rs 500 apiece.

In comparison, the prices in Europe can be higher. For example, Grade 304 can cost €3.74 per kilogram. India enjoys low production and export costs for T profile stainless steel. It is why the Indian subcontinent has emerged as an attractive selection for companies in the Middle East.

If you purchase polished stainless steel t section from manufacturers then they can provide it in custom sizes

Top 4 reasons to use polished stainless steel T section

Polishing a T section reaps significant advantages in surface finish, durability, and appearance. A polished stainless steel T section displays a uniform and consistent pattern brought about by polishing and buffing. The technique creates a mirror-like finish that enhances the natural metallic lustre. Their applications span bathrooms, kitchens, shop design, furnishings, and modern architectural applications.

  • Easy to clean, sanitise, and maintain over time
  • It can get used in projects where hygiene is crucial
  • The surface finish offers corrosion resistance and durability, more so when produced by laser welding
  • The premium finish has a high aesthetic appeal for decorative applications

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What are a stainless steel unequal T section & SS 304 T section?

T sections get produced in two main types: equal and unequal. A stainless steel unequal T section has different measurements for the flanges. The height is half the width. These profiles have numerous uses in indoor and outdoor applications for fabrication, industrial partitioning, edge protection, etc.

In contrast, equal T sections have identical measurements for width and height. Grade 304 is a popular choice for a T shaped stainless steel profile due to its natural corrosion resistance, longevity, and versatility. Buyers can specify any custom requirements while selecting the required T section, for instance, length, width, finish, etc.

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Testing requirements & methods of a stainless steel tee profile

Quality testing is mandatory to assess the properties and suitability of T section stainless steel. These products offer good corrosion resistance and long service life – properties that buyers should ascertain through test results. The standard methods are PMI (Positive Material Identification), ultrasonic, testing for tensile strength and hardness, and metallurgical analysis.

Reputed manufacturers offer a Mill Test Certificate (MTC) to show the product details, mechanical and metallurgical properties, specific order requirements, and tests conducted. The best way to verify this report is through the heat number, a unique barcode for traceability. Customers can also sanction third-party inspection for a stainless steel tee profile.

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T shaped stainless steel profile specification and approx price per meter

These components get manufactured in different dimensions to address diverse industrial requirements. Standard sizes for an SS T section are 3 to 6 metres. The widths are 25mm x 25mm to 80mm x 80mm. However, clients can get custom sizes to meet application-specific needs.

The price depends on the product dimensions, i.e., length and width. It also changes with the surface finish, polishing needs, unique colours, etc. The average price of a stainless T section in India ranges from Rs 550 to Rs 750 per meter. Most suppliers can offer these products in custom lengths.