Flange shaft

Flange shaft

The shafts display excellent mechanical strength and compatibility. Flange shaft have application is in providing torque transmission in the powertrain of different vehicles. flanged shaft coupling consists of two cast iron flanges that are fixed at the respective ends of both the shafts and are tightly bolted together to complete the drive. Provides efficient and reliable shaft connection. Flanged shaft is highly durable and possesses great strength. Thes are extensively utilized in the oil, gas, wind turbine, piping system, marine, automotive, petrochemical industries, etc.

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CNC metal machining flanged shaft and drive shaft flange manufacturers in UAE

The manufacturing process for these shafts includes hot forging (swaging), hard turning, soft machining, warm forging and gear manufacturing. The shafts are available in various strong materials such as stainless steel, hardened and tempered steel, alloy steel and mild steel and induction-hardening steels (undercuts possible). The various outstanding surface treatments for the shafts include grinding, polishing and chrome plating.

Flange shaft specification

Material Types of Flanged shafts Standard
  • Induction-hardening steels (Undercuts possible)
  • Hardened and tempered steel
  • Alloy steel flange shaft
  • Mild steel flange shaft

Note: Please contact below listed flange shaft suppliers in UAE for stock and material

  • Bearing Side Flanged Shaft
  • Concrete Pump Flanged Shafts
  • Stainless Steel Flanged Shafts
  • Mounting hollow shaft
  • Flange-adapter shaft with internal centering
  • Flange-adapter shaft with external centering
  • Mild Steel Polished Bolero Main Flange Shaft
  • Stainless steel propeller shaft flange
  • Flange for cardan shaft
  • Flanged shaft coupling
  • Flanged shaft collars
  • Bearing side flanged shaft
  • Flange mounted shaft support
  • Flange shaft support
  • Drive shaft flange
  • DIN EN ISO 13849-2
Flanged shaft manufacturing process Mounting type CNC metal machining flanged shaft finishing
  • Hot forging (swaging)
  • Hard turning
  • Soft machining
  • Warm forging
  • Gear manufacturing
  • External centering
    Ø 28mm -350 mm
    encoder series 4/40/41
  • Internal centering
    Ø 30 mm – 290 mm
    encoder series 4/40/41
  • External/internal centering
    Ø 50mm -200 mm
    encoder series 5/6/60

For custom diameter contact below listed flange shaft manufacturers & suppliers

  • Black Oxide
  • Passivation
  • Electropolishing
  • Nickel Plating
  • ENP
  • Tumble Polishing
  • Media Blasting
  • Zinc Plating
  • Powder Coating
  • Vibratory Tumbling


Lead time Application Flanged Shaft body
  • As fast as 3- 7 days

You can contact listed Flanged Shaft suppliers for exact supply time via Live Chat or Email.

  • Marine applications
  • Concrete Pump
  • Wind turbine applications
  • Automobile Industry
  • Concrete Pumping
  • Line Polishing Head Spare parts
  • External Rough Turning
  • O.D. Rough Turn
  • External Turning
  • Grooving
  • Deep Drilling
  • Face Milling
  • Drilling
  • Threading
Color Surface Treatment Hardness
  •  Silver
  • Black
  • Polished
  • Grinding
  • Chrome Plated


  • -55~58 HRC
  • DIN 5482
  • DIN 5480
  • DIN 3972
  • SMS 1835
  • BS 3550
  • ANSI B92
  • JIS D2001
  • NF E22-141

Stainless steel flanged shaft coupling with excellent precision and dimensional accuracy

CNC metal machining flanged shaft are strongly designed to handle heavy loads and high speeds without any challenge. The shaft provides easy installation without utilizing of any special tools. Bearing side flanged shaft exhibits superior strength and evenly distributes the stress across its entire surface area and prevents loosening and slipping. The flanged shaft collars are vibration resistant. The flange shaft can withstand high pressure. Drive shaft flange display strong resistance against corrosion and rusting.

Flanged shaft collars and stainless steel propeller shaft flange suppliers in UAE

The minimum and maximum tolerance of CNC machined flanged shaft is 99.50 (lower limit) and 101.80 mm (upper limit) respectively.

Bearing side flanged shaft for time sensitive projects & applications

Yes, accuracy is very important for precision flange shaft for maintaining its quality and proper functionality. For maintaining the shaft mechanical properties and provide accurate specifications to meet the industry standard requirements, listed below two are the most important accuracy measures that needs to be followed:

  • Dimensional accuracy- to make sure that the material has proper shape, size and other dimensional specifications correct.
  • Machining accuracy- this method involves proper machining process of the material.
Flange mounted shaft support and flange for cardan shaft with accurate internal & external threads

The 7 reasons to determine 5-axis machining is better than 3-axis machining are:

  • Operate with outstanding precision to provide accurate machined and smoother parts while on the other hand to obtain such efficient materials is very difficult through traditional 3-axis CNC equipment.
  • Excellent surface finishes
  • Improved production speed
  • Exhibit strong drilling capabilities
  • Less setups
  • Provides durability to the material
  • Deliver high performance parts