Manhole cover

Manhole cover

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manhole cover specification

Manhole cover specification

Types Size range Uses
  • CNC 121 series manhole cover
  • CNC 122 series manhole cover
  • Aluminum welding neck for placing manholes
  • Stainless steel welding neck for placing manholes
  • 10″ to 24″
  • 250mm – 600mm
  • Bulk storage tanks
  • Low pressure storage tanks
  • Low pressure gas pipeline systems
  • Digesters
  • Gas Holders
Process connection Manufacturing material Pressure Settings
  • API 650 (20” and 24”)
  • Class: ANSI 150#
  • Special design (Flange drilling as required)
  • Aluminium manhole cover
  • Carbon Steel manhole cover
  • Stainless Steel manhole cover
  • Mild Steel manhole cover
  • 1.8”wg – 36.2”wg
  • 4.5mbar- 90mbar
Vacuum Settings ( as per CNC 122) How to order? Valve sizing
  • 3.46”wg – 10”wg
  • 9mbar-25mbar
  • Model/ Type
  • Size
  • Material
  • P/V Settings


  • Computerised valve sizing to API 2000
Standard & testing Manhole assembly weight Technical specification
  • EN DROP TEST (EN 13317:2002)
  • EN13317:2002/A1
  • Tested in accordance to EN14596 and EN13314
  • 13.5kg
  • Emergency pressure set: 280 mbar
  • Emergency venting capacity: 6500m3/h at 350 mbar
  • P/V vent vacuum set: 10 mbar
  • P/V vent set pressure: 100 mbar

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