309 stainless steel wires

309 stainless steel wires

What are 309 stainless steel wires?

These types of 309 stainless steel wires are typically used in industrial applications where it is essential to have high levels of strength and toughness. Alloy 309 UNS S30908 wire has . 08% max carbon and can be used up to 1038°C.

One of the most common uses for 309 stainless steel wires is in fabrication industries where they’re used as weld metal, pipe straps, belt anchors, and chain links. In this article, we’ll explore all you need to know about how these wires are made, specification, price and mechanical strength.

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309 stainless steel wires specification

309 stainless steel wires material

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Can you weld 304 stainless with 309 wire?

As the name suggests, SS 309 wire is actually an alloy. This means that it contains more than one type of metallic element and they’re usually arranged in a specific way to bond the wire together. Because of this, it can be welded with 304 stainless steel, but there are certain precautions you need to take to avoid damaging the wire. Welding 304 with 309 SS round wire is a good idea only when the two materials are thick enough to bear the heat. This is essential because the weld will weaken the 304 steel and it is not recommended for general usage.

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What is 309 stainless steel lashing wire used for?

ASTM A580 309 lashing wire can be used in the linings of various equipment and products. The furnace components and high-temperature apparatus also use the material for its higher mechanical and physical properties. The UNS S30900 ultra fine wire is highly corrosion resistant due to the 19-21 % chromium content. Therefore these can be used in highly corrosive applications such as salty, acidic, and windy conditions.

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Does 309 stainless steel round wire rust?

DIN 1.4828 thin wire is made up of an alloy with 11% nickel and 19% chromium. This is a highly efficient corrosion-resistant material. The material also has a melting point of 1450 ° C. This means the wire can withstand high temperatures and high corrosion. However, the SUS 309 flat wire and other types can corrode depending on the vigourousness of the environment. Concentrated acids can cost rusting faster. Surprisingly, running water or fluids can also cause the wearing of the material, which leads to corrosion as well.

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How much does AISI 309 coil wire weigh?

AISI 309 coil wire weight depends on the thickness of the wire, the density of the alloy material, and the length of the wire. Multiply the thickness and length of the wire and you will get the volume. Multiply the volume by the density of the material and you will get the weight. As you already know the density of the material, you can always have the weight calculated per until length. With this, you can simply multiply the number of units, by the unit weight to easily calculate the weight.

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Who Uses alloy 309 annealed wire?

Alloy 309 annealed wire is heat treated and contains molybdenum, carbon, sulfur, and phosphorus in addition to the nickel and chromium content. This makes the material have high strength, high corrosion resistance, and high heat resistance. Therefore, it is used in high-temperature applications such as furnaces, heat exchangers, boilers, and in papermills. However, the 309 stainless steel wire is not limited to these applications. It can be used to make tubes and other products of the same grade of material.