Mild steel wire

Mild steel wire

A wire which is made from iron and carbon is called mild steel wire. Ideally, this steel wire is well known and is quite demanded in engineering applications. Because they comprise high iron content, they also exhibit good magnetic properties, and this why it is called as ferromagnetic. Along with high iron content, it also comprises maximum of 0.16-0.29% carbon contents. They inherit high melting point ranging between 2642–2768-degree Fahrenheit. Because it contains low carbon content, it results into high melting point values.

Ms steel wire are not suitable for hardening. With respect to hardening, it can be done with the help of heating. You can also add sources of carbon which are chemically reactive, which will subsequently harden the surface layer. Adding to this, 2mm mild steel wire are non-recyclable. So once you purchase the steel wire, it cannot be re used for performing some other action.

When this wire is untreated, it does not exhibit good corrosion properties and to improve this or to treat this wire, we can provide surface protection by appropriate methods to the projects of any exposed parts.

Adding to this, external application make use of galvanised ms wire because of less maintenance and protected surface. They also have simplistic designs.

Based on their characteristics and the wide range of demands that meets your requirements and standards, black mild steel wire are used in variety of industries for manufacturing:

  • Fencing wires.
  • Wire nails.
  • Wire nettings.
  • Wire-ropes.

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mild steel wire specification

Specification of mild steel wire

MS steel fine wire sizes Black mild steel round wire dimensions Galvanised MS delivery condition
  • Thickness:
    0.120mm – 8.509 mm
    0.0002″ – 0.335″
  • Flat wire width:
    0.89 mm – 38.46 mm
    0.035″ – 1.50″
  • Thickness:
    0.019mm – 10.16mm
    0.00075″ – .400″
  • Soft annealed mild steel wire
  •  ¼ hard
  • ½ hard
  • ¾ hard
  • full hard
Mild steel wire applications MS wire packing choices 2mm mild steel finish
  • Wire cloth
  • Wire mesh
  • Cabling wire
  • Hose braiding
  • Conveyor belts
  • Weaving wire
  • Locking wire
  • Medical wire
  • Wall ties
  • Springs
  • Carrier
  • Spool
  • Bobbins
  • Coil
  • Reel (Plastic/ wooden)
  • Drums
  • Z Packs
  • Formers
  • Custom
  • Soap-drawn finish
  • Grease finish
  • Matte finish
  • Bright finish
Annealed mild steel flat wire sizes Types of mild steel wire Melting Point of hard drawn MS wire
  • width:
    0.002″ – 1.00″
    0.05 mm – 25.40 mm
  • Thickness:
    0.00508 mm –  5.33 mm
    0.0002″ – 0.210″
  • Black mild steel strand
  • Annealed mild steel fine wire
  • Hard drawn ms square edge flat wire
  • Mild steel black square wire
  • MS round wire
  • Mild steel shaped wire
  • 2mm mild steel flat wire
  • Galvanised MS rope


1350°C – 1530°C
Equivalent of mild steel wire Grades of mild steel galvanised square wire Mild steel wire American & international standard
  • UNS G10180


  • A Corten
  • EN1A
  • EN8
  • EN24
  • EN3B
  • 500B Rebar
  • S275JR
  • GMS
  • Type A
  • T45
  • SAE/ AISI 1018
  • AISI 1010
  • ASTM A510
  • ASME 5041
  • ASTM A545

Before finalizing your supplier of black annealed mild steel wire ask for the delivery time

Mild steel wires are available in various sizes such as 2mm, and 3mm. Refer online price list of MS steel wire

View a list of authorized importers of galvanised MS wire in the UAE, mild steel line wire has properties such as tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and long lasting.

We have listed stockist of black mild steel wire and mild steel galvanised wire as per cold drawn and hot drawn condition
Always request the requisite test results for hard drawn MS wire, Refer to dimensions of mild steel black wire.

mild steel wire gauge chart