410 stainless steel wire

410 stainless steel wire

What is 410 stainless steel wire?

There are different types of stainless steel that are used to make a wire. The different types vary according to the composition and production methods. The 410 stainless steel wire is made up of martensitic stainless steel. This is a hard material that includes carbon, manganese, silicon, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, phosphorus, sulfur, copper, aluminum, tin, nitrogen, and iron. The chromium content is 11%. The SS 410 wire is made from billets of the same material through drawing or rolling processes.

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410 stainless steel wire specification

410 stainless steel wire material

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What is the difference between AISI 410 annealed wire and round wire?

Annealed wire is known for pliableness and while SS 410 round wire are suitable for heavy duty.

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Fatigue and ovality test are carried out on WNR 1.4006 thin wire and ASME SA580 410 round wire

Manufacturing process of UNS S41000 coil wire

The material is made in billets or rods. Manufacturers use billets or rods to produce less thick WNR 1.4006 thin wire. There are different procedures but the most common ones are cold drawing and hot rolling. The cold rolling involves no heating. The raw material is drawn to the desired thickness. Hot rolling involves heating the material and rolling it into the desired wire shape. AISI 410 annealed wire is a heat-treated wire after production. There are different annealing temperatures and methods for different types of materials and grades.

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Features and applications of SUS 410 wires

It depends on the product we compare with. The ASME SA580 410 round wire has corrosion resistance but is not as strong as the austenitic steel types. While it has high strength and toughness, the nickel content is low compared to the austenitic steel types. There is molybdenum and copper in low quantities and the 11% chromium is helping with the corrosion resistance. UNS S41000 coil wire has general corrosion resistance. However, for conditions that are more corrosive, alternative materials have to be used.

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Does 410 SS rope wire wire rust?

The SUS 410 wires are used in compressor parts, surgical parts, spring pins, chains, chain applications, and in cutlery. The toughness of the material makes it exceptional wear resistance. For this quality, the material can be used in applications that have to withstand high wear and tear. The products that wear off quickly such as handrails, rotating parts, and moving parts of the equipment are made up of this material.

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Does Alloy 410 wire tarnish?

Metallic products can be made and applied to different types of finishes. The Alloy 410 lashing wire can be made and then polishing, painting, coating, and other finishes can be applied. It can be coated with 3LPE, tin, or even galvanized. Depending on the thickness of the wire, and the application requirements, different methods of finishes could be applied.