10D Pipe Bend

10D Pipe Bend

What is a 10D pipe bend?

Piping is a complex craft. There are a lot of components involved and the fittings are vital as they make the connections and complete the piping. A bend is a type of fitting that is used to connect two pipes but with an angle. The 10D Pipe Bend has a radius of 10 times the nominal pipe size. The angle can be of any degree. The bend radius is calculated from the centerline of the bend. The 10D U Bends have the same radii but also have a 180° angle or change the flow to the opposite direction.

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What is meant by a 10D bend joint in buttweld fittings?

Buttweld fittings is a class of pipe fittings. These are made to weld parts together. The buttweld fitting manufacturing process is governed by the ANSI or ASME B16.9 specifications. The ASME B16.9 Welded 10D Bends are made with the buttweld specifications and with a bending radius that is 10 times the nominal pipe size. This allows the bend to have the potential to be welded and to have a larger radius. The 10D Short Radius Bend and long radius ones are used in applications that require a very smooth transition of direction. The 10D length allows for a seamless flow of the liquids and changing direction at the same time.

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Stainless steel 10D bend production equipment

The production of bends is mostly through man-powered machines. There are rotors and drawers, benders, and other types of equipment to produce the Stainless Steel 10D Bend from a piece of metal. A bender is a hand-used machine where you can insert the piece of pipe with the correct length, adjust the levers for the correct angle and then apply force to the lever until the bend has formed. This is a cold-forming method. This can only apply for bends of diameters less than 10 inches. For 10D Seamless Bend that has a larger diameter, mechanized machines like the hot induction machine are used. These apply heat to the pipe and then bend it.

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Surface treatments of carbon steel 10D bends

The purpose of the surface treatment is to make sure that the surface of the bend is clean. Depending on the 10D Bend Radius, the accumulation of slag, rust or any other impurities on the inside will vary. The outside of the bend is usually rusted or damaged due to corrosion. If the Long Radius Bend 10D has dirt accumulated on it or rust, then care has to be taken to clean the surface. The surface could be treated with emulsion and solvents to dissolve the impurities and not damage the original material. The bends often come with some kind of coating to add extra protection against corrosion, abrasion, and temperature. The surface treatment should be done in a manner not to remove these protective coatings.

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The most commonly used process of 10D pipeline bends

Long Radius Bend 10D is a larger radius bend and it is often of larder diameter as well. With the large diameter and radius, the flowing material inside creates pressure. To handle the pressure, the pipes are made with high thicknesses too. This makes the forming process to be specific. Cold forming cannot be applied to pipes of ladder diameters and larger thicknesses. The hot forming process is the most common to make the bends. When very specific angles are to be made, the mitered bends are made. This involves cutting and welding pieces of pipes together.

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What are the advantages of hot induction 10d bend?

Hot Induction 10D Bend has an equal thickness throughout the bend regardless of the size of the bend or the diameter of the pipe. The induction heat makes the metal into much more flexible material with more plasticity at specific temperatures. This allows for seamless bending of the 10D 90 Degree Bend and any other angled bend. After bending, the processed bend is placed for cooling which also cools down the bend with the intended form and shape. This allows for precise measurements.