Aluminium 2014 round bar

Aluminium 2014 Round Bar

ASTM B211 aluminium 2014 T6 rod suppliers in UAE

What is aluminium 2014 round bar?

2014 Aluminium Round Bar is an aluminum-based alloy often employed in the aerospace industry. Aluminum 2014 Round Bar is easily machined in some tempers and among the most potent aluminum alloys with high hardness. The 2014-T6 Aluminum Round Bar is an aluminum-based alloy mostly known for its employment in the aerospace industry. Due to its very challenging properties, the Aluminium Alloy 2014 (2014 A) T6 Round Bars are used in applications that need high-quality mechanical properties such as high tensile strength, power, and energy.

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2014 aluminum round bar sizes, chemical composition and mechanical properties

Aluminium 2014 round bar specification

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What is 2014 aluminum bar used for?

This material is also offered in bars, wire, shapes, and forging products. The material is primarily used in the frames of trucks, trailers, lorries, and tempos, and even they are employed in aerospace structures and are used in critical segments. It is available in coil forms too. The alloy is also available in bars. This material is available in wire, shapes, and some forging products. It comes to use in various products and applications.

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Is Al 2014 round bars crack free material?

Yes, the 2014 alloy is crack-free. The alloy can be used in elevated temperatures without any sign of deformation. It has a fantastic machinability property which is helpful for several applications across various industries. The Aluminium 2014 Round Bar can be readily welded, extending its range of applications. They are also resistant to pitting and stress cracking corrosion which makes the material crack-free. The resistance of the 2014 aluminum extends to chemical environments like chlorides, etc. They can also bear the acidic environments of sulfides which makes them superior to any other alloy.

2014 aluminum bar and al alloy 2014 hex bar are used in shipbuilding, defence, automotive, textile, paper

What is tolerance of DIN 3.1255 aluminium rods?

The following are the various tolerances of the different forms of Aluminum 2014 alloy; they are:

  • Round Drawn Bars- The tolerance ranges between 0.3 to 2.5 mm.
  • Square Drawn Bars- The tolerance values range between 0.3 to 1.7 mm.
  • Flat Drawn Bars- The tolerance values range between 0.35 to 1.4 mm.
  • Cold Rolled Sheets- The tolerance values range between 0.03 to 0.22 mm.

The Aluminum Alloy DIN 3.1255 alloy has various forms, each with different tolerances.

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Application of ASTM B211 aluminium 2014 T6 rod

Aluminum alloy flat bar or square bar is mainly used and applied in segments like construction, machinery, electronics, sports equipment, advertising, transportation, consumer goods, furniture, aviation, military, and other essential sectors. Aluminum is a very, very versatile metal with a massive number of benefits and perks. As we all know, it is recognized for. AL 2014 T6 Square Bars can be cast, melted, formed, machined, and extruded, meaning that they can be manufactured into various shapes and then subsequently fabricated to suit a variety of uses.