Aluminium 4032 round bar

Aluminium 4032 Round Bar

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What is aluminium 4032 round bar?

4032 aluminum, a wrought aluminum alloy that renders superior service in low and high-temperature service types. Aluminum Alloy 4032 is generally employed as a material for making engine pistons, which has a composition of Aluminum (Al), 21%wt Silicon (Si), 0.82%wt Nickel (Ni), and 0.67%wt Copper (Cu). The Aluminium 4032 Round Bar Alloy is known to have mild properties and does have good corrosion resistance.

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4032 aluminum round bar chemical composition and mechanical properties

Aluminium 4032 round bar specification

Aluminium 4032 round bar properties

Aluminium 4032 round bar size chart

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What is 4032 aluminum round bar used for?

The alloy is employed for processing forged pistons. They are known to have incredible corrosion resistance and are sensitive to higher temperature ranges from 392 degrees Fahrenheit to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. Aluminum 4032 Rods offers superior top and bottom-temperature service. Motorsport applications and working for 4032 include racing pistons, engine components, and chassis components.

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What is aluminium 4032 rods hardness?

The alloy is available in different types and forms, including plate, bar, sheet, sputtering target, powder, etc. The tensile strength of the 4032 Aluminum Round Bar is 370 MPa. The Thermal Conductivity is 138-155 W/m•K, and the Thermal Expansion is 19.4×10-6/°C. The Vickers Hardness value is 137, and the Brinell Hardness value is 120, which is depicted as a reasonably robust material.

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4032-t6 hex bar tolerances

Apart from its very high ductility, the best feature of aluminum alloys is their resistance and tolerance to corrosion. The 4032-t6 Hex Bar is confined to being used between a temperature range of 200°C and 250°C. Due to this particular temperature range, the material tends to become sensitive. It is an issue since the strength of the material becomes less at increased temperature levels. However, the 4032-t651 Aluminum Square Bar Supplier suggests using it at subzero temperatures. Because the material shows improved properties at shallow temperatures, the 4032 Aluminum Bright Bar is a perfect alloy we can also employ in cryogenic applications.

Various sizes and thicknesses of aluminium grade 4032 flat bar are available in accordance with ASTM B247 specification

Application of UNS A94032 bars?

The Machinability of Aluminum 4032 alloy is top-rated as one of the best. Machining can be done using lubricating oils. The UNS A94032 Hex Bar alloy is weldable, and the recommended method is the inert-gas arc welding method. Aluminum 4032 alloys can be easily forged. The process of hot die forging can be done for the aluminum alloy. The temperature range of hot die forging for the alloy is typically 510 to 371 degrees Celsius.

The process of annealing of Aluminium/Aluminum 4032 alloy is done at 413 degrees Celsius for a specific period, ensuring uniform heating of the alloy. Aluminum 4032 alloys can be aged (T6 temper). Aluminum 4032 Bar alloy is very much used in the manufacture and production of pistons. 4032 aluminum is popular in racing engine components, pistons, chassis, and applications requiring better performance at higher temperatures.