Aluminium 5086 round bar

Aluminium 5086 Round Bar

ASTM B211 aluminium grade 5086 rod suppliers in UAE

What is aluminium 5086 round bar?

The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminium 5086 round bar is greater than that of other popular alloys, making it a desirable material for use in the production of round bar products. Welding is one of the most prevalent uses for this material because it cannot be heat treated. Because it has such good resistance to corrosion, the aluminium round bar 5086 is perfect for use in marine or industrial settings that are exposed to the elements. To accommodate the requirements of a wide range of projects, this particular type of aluminium alloy may be machined and produced into a dizzying array of different forms and dimensions.

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5086 aluminum bar chemical composition and mechanical properties

Aluminium 5086 round bar specification

Aluminium 5086 round bar dimensions tolerance

Aluminium 5086 round bar properties

Aluminium 5086 round bar size chart

What are the types of 5086 aluminum round bar testing?

  • Chemical Analysis: This type of testing measures the chemical composition of 5086 aluminium round bars to determine their overall alloy content.
  • Tensile Testing: This test measures the mechanical strength of the 5086 aluminium round bar, providing data on the tensile yield and ultimate tensile strength, elongation percentage, and hardness rating.
  • Corrosion Resistance Testing: This testing assesses how well a 5086 aluminium round bar can resist corrosion from different elements and environmental factors.
  • Dimensional Tolerances: Dimensional tolerance testing verifies that the 5086 aluminium round bar meets all specified dimensional requirements.
  • Magnetic Characteristics Testing: This type of testing evaluates how well the material resists magnetic attraction or if it exhibits any magnetic properties.

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What is AL 5086 round bars used for?

AL 5086 Round Bars are commonly used in marine and chemical industries, due to their high corrosion resistance in both salt and freshwater environments. They are also suitable for cryogenic applications, making them a good choice for aerospace parts. Other common uses include architectural structures such as roofing, trim and cladding, tank walls and bridges. AL 5086 Round Bars have excellent weldability and can be formed easily into the desired shape. This alloy is also popularly used for storage tanks, electrical panels, railings, medical equipment and instrumentation. They are known for their excellent weldability and formability, making them suitable for applications such as fuel tanks, support systems, frames, pipe supports, shipbuilding and railway vehicles.

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What is peeled and reeled 5086-key h111 round bar?

5086-h111 Round Bar is a high-strength aluminium alloy product that has been “peeled” and “reeled”. This means that it has gone through an extrusion process in which a thin layer of the material’s surface is peeled away and then rolled into a coil shape. The process results in a round bar with improved corrosion resistance, formability, machinability, and weldability properties. It can be used in many different applications such as structural components, frames, tanks, pipes, vessels, tubing, trim parts, architectural elements and automotive parts.

5086 aluminum bar stock are available in various grades, finishes and tempers

Alloy 5086 key h112 round rods tolerances

The tolerances for Aluminum 3.3545 Round Bars will depend on the size of the bars and their required length, however in general it should not exceed a 0.002” tolerance per linear inch (or 0.0508 mm per 25 mm) concerning roundness, straightness, taper, ovality, twist and waviness of each bar’s surface. All bars should be cut within ±0.015″ or ±0.381 mm from their given lengths and the surfaces must be free from dents, scratches, cracks and other defects that may compromise structural integrity.

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Is 5086 aluminum bendable?

Yes, Aluminum 3.3545 Round Bars are bendable. This type of aluminium is an alloy of aluminium and other elements, typically containing between 0.1% and 1.0% of manganese and silicon. It is highly formable and ductile which makes it ideal for applications that require complex shapes and deep drawings, such as aerospace components, architectural details, automobile parts, consumer products and industrial equipment. The strength and durability of the material also make it suitable for bending processes without significantly affecting its structural integrity or performance characteristics.