Butyl Gasket

Butyl Gasket

What Is Butyl Gasket?

Butyl rubber, or simply Butyl, is an elastomer made through the copolymerization of isobutylene with isoprene. A butyl gasket, therefore, is just a form of the many types of elastomeric gaskets available. These gaskets have some of the general characteristics of other elastomeric gaskets. For instance, the working temperature for these is -75 degrees Celsius to 250 degrees Celsius. But what makes butyl rubber special is its outstanding resistance to moisture and gas permeation. It is most commonly found in the tape form with great adhesion properties, like a CL ward butyl gasket.

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Is Butyl Rubber Gasket Waterproof?

Compared to natural rubber gaskets and other synthetic compounds, a butyl rubber gasket can be beneficial in certain situations. The primary distinction is that the material is at least 70% less porous. Among the more prominent features of the gasket is its low permeability to gases and moisture. So it is waterproof and indeed helps keep components and systems safe from water damage for years. Moreover, it is also resistant to other extreme environmental conditions, including temperature and vapor. For 4-bolt duct connection systems using metal surfaces, for example, an Elgen 440 butyl gasket can be considered.

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What Is Ductmate Butyl Gasket Based Sealant?

Ductmate is an experienced HVAC and accessories brand with a wide array of sealing solutions. The Ductmate butyl gasket is one of the products that you can get for Ductmate’s 4-bolt flange systems and other rectangular ones. It is a sealing tape of top quality that ensures efficient sealing in harsh environments. It can be conveniently used in a variety of applications in a wide temperature range.

Some of its key features are:

  • Wide scope of application
  • It can function in harsh environments and is non-hardening in nature
  • Shows good adhesion properties with galvanized, aluminized stainless steel and other metal surfaces

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Is Halogenated Butyl Gasket Oil Resistant?

Halogenated butyl, also known as halobutyl refers to the halogenated derivatives of butyl rubber. While butyl rubber was introduced in 1942, these came about 20 years but have been in use since. The advantage they offer is the increasing ability of the material to be vulcanized and cured with other elastomers for general purposes. However, like butyl, a halogenated butyl gasket is not oil-resistant. The fact is, it is not recommended for use with oils, petroleum solvents, and fluids at all.

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Key Features of Custom Butyl Sealing Gaskets

Various manufacturers offer custom butyl sealing gaskets tested for the highest quality and performance. If you’re looking for these for an application, here are their features.

  • The gasket comprises a material of high quality with a wide operating temperature range
  • These are 70% more impermeable than typical rubbers
  • They offer superior resistance to acid and alkali deterioration
  • They have excellent flexibility, even in subzero temperatures
  • High tear resistance is another feature of these gaskets
  • These show excellent shock absorption properties
  • A wide range of shore hardness choices is available
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Application of Black Butyl Rubber Gasket

A black butyl rubber gasket is highly impermeable to gas, which makes it great for use in vacuum applications. Also, its air retention capabilities make it good for use as inner liners and inner tubes of tires. These gaskets can also be used in hydraulic applications where synthetic fluids are used. The vibration damping, ozone resistance, and heat aging properties make it suitable for use in automobile hoses and gaskets. A halogenated butyl rubber seal strip gasket can be specified for water service within the specified range of temperature. Also, it can be used with various chemicals, dilute acids, and oil-free air compressors.