Viton Rubber Gasket

Viton Rubber Gasket

What Is Viton Rubber Gasket?

A Viton rubber gasket is a synthetic fluoropolymer elastomer that is well-suited to operate in harsh environments. The viton rubber gasket is a smart component that seals liquids and gases in the system. These gaskets are a perfect solution to fill any irregulates between two surfaces. They are manipulable and resist higher temperatures while wrapping efficiently into tight spaces. The viton gasket sheet is easy to install and continues to operate under extreme stress. These sheets are an excellent choice for use with fuels that include pure ethanol and ethanol blends. They can handle temperatures from -27 degrees F to 400 degrees C. The gaskets are known for their enhanced heat stability and resistance to aggressive chemicals and fuels. These features allow them to be an integral part of the oil and gas sector. Apart from this, they are available in a range of sizes and shapes that allow them to be used across an array of applications.

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What Is Viton Gasket Made Of?

A Viton gasket can be manufactured by directly rolling the material. This gives you full control of the viton gasket shape and size. The process helps in the production of a larger format of gaskets without joins. The high-tech cutting tools used in making the viton gasket material allow it to have excellent accuracy. The maintenance and recommended utilization give the gasket a longer service life in the system.

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What Color Is Viton Flange Gasket?

A Viton flange can be die cut from solid, foam, or sponge rubber. The viton flange gasket is made of black, white, or brown color. However, you can ask for custom compounding to create specialized colors.

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What Is The Hardness Of Viton B Gasket?

The Viton B gasket is designed to operate at pressures of 800 lbs with a good temperature limit. A viton b gasket has a shore hardness of 72 with a thickness from 0.5 to 10mm.

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Advantage of Viton Ring Gasket

A Viton ring gasket is a high performance fluoroelastomer that has excellent heat resistance. The viton ring gasket supports temperatures between 15 to 400 degrees F. These gaskets provide outstanding resistance to oils, alkalis, concentrated bases, oxidative environments, mold, etc. A teflon encapsulated viton gasket provides good resistance to compression for extended periods over a prolonged time. These gaskets have good electrical properties for low voltage and frequency applications. The ring gaskets can also handle good abrasion and tear resistance with low burning characteristics. Finally, they are available in a wide selection of thicknesses which varies based on viton gasket manufacturers in the market.

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Application of Viton Type A Gasket

Viton type A gasket was generally used in the aerospace industry due to its resistance to the flue and low burning characteristics. The type A viton camlock gasket today is used in automotive, chemical systems, fluid power, and appliance systems. The fluoroelastomer is also used in food processing and pharmaceutical industries. These custom viton gaskets are recommended in high temperature environments used in lubricating, hydraulic oil, gasoline, and related industries. These viton seals and gaskets are a feature in heat and intake manifold gaskets, fuel hoses, quick connect rings, and siphon units. Apart from this, they are used in fuel seals, radial lip seals, cap seals in pumps, etc.