Expanded Graphite Gasket

Expanded Graphite Gasket

What Is Expanded Graphite Gasket?

If the application, for some reason requires an alternative to PTFE, it is expanded graphite that customers turn to. While the expanded graphite gasket was once considered a premium material, it is now largely used for most industrial applications. The materials used for making such a gaskets are 98% graphite, with sulfur (1200 ppm) and leachable chloride (< 50 ppm). Compared to a graphite filler gasket, graphite constitutes most of the gasket. A graphite steam gaskets is extremely functional for use cases where the temperature reaches 450 degrees Celcius. Even if the temperatures are higher, the right grade of these gaskets can still be used in the absence of oxygen.

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Is Graphite Gasket Good?

Whether a graphite gasket is “good” will depend on the application in question. As far as its properties go, the material can handle practical temperatures of up to 399 degrees Celcius. Some grades can even handle as far as 482 degrees Celcius. Also, the gasket is resistant to water, steam, hydrocarbons, alkalies, and acids. The oil and gas industry also uses a non-asbestos graphite gasket. However, sulfuric and nucleic acids can be extremely harmful, to the point the gaskets starts decomposing immediately. Also, it can contaminate food or pharmaceuticals, so it is kept away from such applications.

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What Is Flexible Graphite Gasket Made Of?

A flexible graphite gasket is essentially made of a flexible graphite sheet. And that is in turn created by expanding graphite, in which small pieces of it are introduced to sulfuric or nucleic acid. Then, these small pieces are fed to a machine called the sheeter that turns them into a flexible graphite gasket material sheet. The gasket sheet material is available in varied thicknesses. The gaskets can then be cut from the flexible graphite gaskets material sheet in different diameters. Also, the gaskets can be reinforced with a metal like in a reinforced graphite gasket.

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How Does Graphite Head Gasket Work?

Headgaskets in automobiles have important functions to perform, and graphite is a frequently chosen material. Here is how a graphite head gasket works.

  • It handles extreme temperatures and pressure and allows the engine to function smoothly. It also prevents the leaking of any combustion gases into the coolant system.
  • It efficiently seals the coolant channels between the engine block and the cylinder head. This helps it maintain temperature and prevent engine overheating.

Because the functions of the head gasket are vital, careful consideration is done when choosing suitable materials for it. The most commonly used is a graphite gasket with stainless steel insert.

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Do Graphite Ring Gasket Need Sealant?

Whether a graphite ring gaskets is to be used with a sealant, depends largely on the user and the application. There are times when a gasket sealant can be most useful, while for others it is not necessary at all. A sealant is used to hold the gaskets in position, thus making the joint more secure. A sealant can also prevent mechanical parts from rubbing together and leaking fluid. Sealant is commonly used with threaded flanges using graphite flange gasket. But if an automobile is considered, using a sealant is usually not recommended with the graphite exhaust gasket material.

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Where To Buy Tanged Insert Graphite Gasket?

In a tanged insert graphite gasket, the metal is punctured by a perforating process and attached with a facing material (graphite). There are 3 layers, and the tangs attach the metal to the facing by a mechanical bond. There is no need for an adhesive. When it comes to ordering these, you’d find different manufacturers online that produce top-notch products. Now they may have different trademarked names, so consult them before ordering. Or, you can contact a supplier to get you the products you prefer, such as Garlock graphite gaskets.

How To Clean High Temperature Graphite Gasket?

A high temperature graphite gasket is best cleaned before installation. The presence of dirt or other debris can hinder the installation, and ultimately the gasket’s performance and lifespan. Now again, it is up to the user to determine whether a specialized cleaning material is required. There are some of those available in the market that you may opt for. Also, opting for a graphite laminate gaskets might help you skip the cleaning entirely. Now if the gaskets residue on a metal surface is concerned, cleaning has to be done cautiously. The metal surface should not be scratched and the use of sharp tools is not advised.