Low Pressure Gasket

Low Pressure Gasket

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How to contact genuine stockist of low pressure steam gasket?

Specifically designed for systems operating below 300 PSI, the low pressure steam gasket exhibits resilience to lower pressures and temperatures commonly encountered in steam applications. Their function is crucial in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of steam systems, ensuring safe and reliable operation. To get in contact with a genuine stockist, you can visit pipingmaterial.ae.

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What certifications are required for low pressure insulation gasket? standard thickness and features

There are several certifications and standards applied to Low Pressure Insulation Gaskets. The selection basically depends on their specific application and use. The most common ones are

  • ASTM F104 – this is the standard classification system for various nonmetallic materials for gaskets
  • ANSI/ASME B16.21 – it is for nonmetallic flat shaped gaskets for various pipe flanges
  • API 6FB – it is the specification for fire test for end connections
  • UL 157 – this is the standard for different gaskets and seals

The standard thickness and features can vary with the specific application and design requirements. Typically, the thicknesses range from 1/16 inch to 1/4 inch. The features may include a compressed fiber core with a PTFE facing or a compressed graphite core with a ss facing. Other features are fire resistance, chemical resistance and high-temperature resistance.

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What are ASME b16.20 low pressure head gaskets?

ASME B16.20 Low Pressure Head Gasket is used in applications where the pressure is relatively low but the temperature may be high. They help to provide a seal between two flat surfaces like the flanges of a pipe joint. The gaskets are used in the oil & gas industry, chemical and petrochemical processing plants.

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What are low pressure asbestos fiber gasket? suitable for which condition?

Low Pressure Asbestos Fibre Gasket was used in industrial applications in the past and made from compressed asbestos fibers. They are used to seal low pressure systems where the operating pressure is up to 150 psi.

They were once popular because of their ability to withstand high temperatures and resist corrosion. But, asbestos are no longer used in most countries due to the health risks associated with them. Other safer alternatives like non asbestos fiber gaskets or PTFE gaskets are now preferred.

All sizes available in low pressure water pipe gaskets with leak-proofness test reports

Test required for low pressure water pipe gaskets

  • Hydrostatic test- it is to inspect for leakage or deformation during and after the test.
  • Compression test- it is to ensure that the gasket is within the required compression range.
  • Tensile strength test- it is important in applications where the Low Pressure Water Pipe Gasket may be subjected to tension or stretching forces.
  • Creep relaxation test- it is to measures the ability of the gasket to maintain its thickness under a specified load over time.
  • Chemical resistance test- it determines the resistance of the gasket to specific chemicals or substances present in the water like chlorine or other disinfectants.
  • Aging test- it evaluates the performance of the gasket after exposure to accelerated aging conditions like high temperature or UV radiation.