Inconel X-750 Spiral Wound Gasket

inconel x-750 spiral wound gasket

What is Inconel x 750 Spiral Wound Gasket?

A Nickel-Chromium alloy called Inconel X750 has creep-rupture strength at temperatures up to about 700°C (1290°F). It is made precipitation hardenable by the addition of aluminum and titanium. It is frequently used for high-temperature applications; while it’s not as strong as Nimonic 90, it also possesses exceptional qualities at cryogenic temperatures. The V-shaped pre-formed hoop and soft filler that make up a spiral wound gasket are stacked alternately and tightly together. The Inconel x 750 spiral wound gasket has an outer ring, inner ring, or both outer and inner rings depending on what the mating flange requires.

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Available Types Of ASTM B564 inconel X750 Outer Ring

Here are the available types of ASTM B564 Inconel X750 outer ring.

  • Style / Type R = The inner and outer diameters are strengthened with several piles of metal that are devoid of filler to provide greater stability.
  • Design / Style RIR = ASME SB 564 Alloy X-750 spiral wound style RIR gasket is designed to prevent solid accumulation, reduce the turbulent flow of process fluids, and minimize flange face erosion.
  • Design/ Style CG = These gaskets only have an external ring and a spiral wound sealing portion. This external ring precisely centers the gasket on the flange face.
  • Type/style CGI = An Inconel X-750 spiral wound gasket inner and outer ring has both an internal and an external metallic ring. These are appropriate for use with a flat face and raised face flanges.

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Parameters Affecting UNS N07750 Spiral Wound Gasket Inner ring Performance

The UNS N07750 spiral wound gasket inner ring performance depends on whether it:

  • It can seal the fluid in the system it is used in.
  • Chemically resists the system fluid and prevents being seriously harmed.
  • Resists system temperatures without significantly degrading its performance characteristics.
  • Maintains a sufficient amount of the applied load while being resilient and sufficiently resistant to creep.
  • Does not contaminate the fluid in the system.
  • Does not encourage corrosion of the surfaces where the gasket is seated.
  • Can be removed at the time of replacement with ease and cleanliness.

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Codes & Standards for WNR. 2.4669 Spiral Wound Style CG Gasket Design

When manufacturing a WNR 2.4669 spiral wound style CG gasket, manufacturers must stick to the manufacturing standards. For these gaskets, that is the ASME B16.20 that has guidelines regarding the gasket construction, thickness, and dimensions. The gaskets designed for non-standard flanges also meet the recommendation by ASME B16.20. All spiral wound gaskets also have a color code and designation for easy identification. For example, Inconel X-750 is abbreviated as INX and is coded light grey.

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How To Measure X-750 Inconel Spiral Wound Style CGI Gasket?

It only takes three easy measurements to make a ring gasket, I.D. (Inside Diameter), O.D. (Outside Diameter) & thickness. Since the X-750 Inconel spiral wound style CGI gasket is round, you should measure it accordingly. Consider the circular gasket as a clock for convenience. Measure across the gasket from the 9:00 position to the 3:00 position using a ruler or tape measure. For the I.D. and the O.D., respectively, measure the inside and outside edges. Finally, use calipers or a tape measure to determine the thickness.

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How To Identify Nickel Alloy X-750 Spiral Wound Style R Gasket?

Gaskets with spiral wounds are all color-coded. Information about the material of the gasket elements is provided by both colors of the outside rim and the stripe along the rim. While the rim strip color indicates the Nickel Alloy X-750 spiral wound style R gasket filler material, the color of the outside rim indicates the winding material and inner ring.

The following are some outer rim colors that indicate the inner ring and metallic winding materials:

  • Yellow- 304 stainless steel gasket material
  • Green- 316 stainless steel
  • Turquoise- 321 stainless steel
  • Blue-347 stainless steel
  • Orange- Monel
  • Black- Alloy 20
  • Silver- Carbon steel
  • Brown- Hastelloy B
  • Beige- Hastelloy c
  • Gold- Inconel
  • Red- Nickel
  • Purple- Titanium