Stainless Steel 347 Spiral Wound Gasket

stainless steel 347 spiral wound gasket

What Is Stainless Steel 347 Spiral Wound Gasket?

Spiral wound gaskets use different grades of stainless steel to boost their usefulness. An example is a stainless steel 347 spiral wound gasket, that uses ss 347 as one of its primary materials. This is a semi-metallic gasket where the inner ring and metal windings are made with stainless steel 347. This is a chromium, nickel austenitic alloy stabilized by niobium. The outer ring is usually carbon steel, while the filler material is non-metallic like graphite. The gasket can retain its durability even in low temperatures and is non-magnetic upon annealing.

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All Shapes of Ss 347 Spiral Wound Gasket

The basic shape of an ss 347 spiral wound gasket is circular, with an inner ring and an outer ring. However, depending on the style and the manufacturer, you can get custom-shaped gaskets too. These gaskets are manufactured following the ASME B16.20 standard. And most renowned manufacturers stick to the stipulated guidelines for manufacturing these gaskets. Most flange faces are circular, choosing the right diameter (among other things) does the job. If you require a different shape or style than the 347 ss spiral wound style R gasket, contact your manufacturer.

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Application of SS 347 Vermiculite Spiral Wound Gasket

An ss 347 vermiculite spiral wound gasket may have a construction like any other spiral wound gasket. However, it does have some specialized applications. Mostly considered a critical service gasket, it has vermiculite filler wounded alternatively with strips of stainless steel 347. The filler makes the gasket suitable for applications that involve high temperatures and chemically aggressive media. The automobile industry commonly uses UNS S34700 spiral wound style CG gasket and other types with vermiculite filler.

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What Does 347 Stainless Steel Spiral Wound Gasket Tensile Strength Mean?

The tensile strength of a gasket refers to the maximum load it can bear, beyond which it will break and fail. This is an important metric that has to be given importance when choosing a 347 stainless steel spiral wound gasket. The material is among the preferred stainless steel grades chosen for manufacturing spiral wound gaskets. It has a hardness of 92 HB and a tensile strength of 75. Depending on the manufacturer, the gasket is tested to understand its strength. And this also ensures that manufacturing has been in conformance with the ASME standards

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Benefits Of 347 SS Outer ring

The 347 ss outer ring, other than helping in centering the gasket on the flange face has other benefits. Compared to some of the other materials like carbon steel or stainless steel 304, it has significantly better mechanical properties. Now other than being strong, it also makes the gasket suitable for withstanding higher temperatures. On the other hand, the Werkstoff nr. 1.4550 spiral wound style CGI gasket does not lose strength in low temperatures. Stainless steel 347 is also known for its corrosion resistance, which increases the scope of using the gasket.

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What Temperature Can Stainless Steel 347 Inner ring withstand?

Resistance to high and low temperatures is a huge benefit of using 34 stainless steel in a spiral wound gasket. One with a stainless steel 347 inner ring is usually used in the temperature range of 426-835 degrees Celcius. This is possible because the material is stabilized with the use of niobium. Compared to stainless steel 321, it offers better performance in oxidizing environments up to 816 degrees Celcius. Now the presence of vermiculite in the stainless steel 347 spiral wound style RIR gasket is even better for temperature resistance. In general, it can withstand a maximum temperature of 870°C.