Hastelloy C276 Spiral Wound Gasket

hastelloy c276 spiral wound gasket

What Is Hastelloy C276 Spiral Wound Gasket?

Hastelloy C276 is a corrosion-resistant alloy containing nickel (57%), molybdenum (15-17%), and Chromium (14.5-16.5%) as its primary elements. Typically, a Hastelloy C276 spiral wound gasket will have a little amount of tungsten present too. Hastelloy C276 is mostly known for its corrosion-resistant nature which places it among the best such alloys. The gaskets made from it are usually suitable for chemical and petrochemical processing, the paper and pulp industry, and so on. Moreover, the C276 Hastelloy spiral wound Style RIR gasket can withstand high temperatures (up to around 1000 degrees Celsius).

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How Is Hastelloy C276 Outer Ring Diameter Measured?

Choosing a Hastelloy gasket requires one to know the right Hastelloy C276 outer ring dimensions. You can expect it to perform only when installed correctly, and the right size is thus most important. Because it is a circular gasket, simply think of the gasket as a clock. Then measure the distance from 12 to 6, making sure you measure from the outer edges of the outer ring. The tools you’d need are a measuring tape or a pair of calipers. Also, every gasket manufactured following the ASME B16.20 standard will have its diameter marked on it.

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What Is The Minimum Thickness Of A Alloy C276 Inner Ring?

The thicknesses and other specifications of spiral wound gaskets are guided by the ASME B16.20 standards. For the alloy C276 inner ring of a spiral wound gasket, the minimum thickness will be 2.97mm (0.117 inches). The inner ring thickness ranges from 2.97-3.3mm and is the same as the outer ring of a spiral wound gasket. Its build material will be the same as that of the metal winding. The inner ring plays an important role by acting as the compression stop and preventing buckling of the winding.

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How Do You Protect Corrosion From UNS N276 Spiral Wound Style CG Gasket?

A UNS N10276 spiral wound style CG gasket is well esteemed for its corrosion resistance and is a premium option. This is among its most important features that make them especially suitable for certain applications. This is largely owed to the high amount of nickel present in the gasket and the austenitic structure. The molybdenum increases the ASTM B564 nickel spiral wound with gasket inner and outer ring’s resistance to pitting. When welding, it maintains its resistance to intergranular attacks in the heat zones formed during it. It is among the only materials that can resist wet chlorine gas, hypochlorite, and chlorine dioxide solutions.

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What Is The Tensile Strength Of DIN 2.4819 Spiral Wound Style R Gasket?

The tensile strength of a spiral wound gasket refers to the maximum load it can bear before failing or breaking. This is among the important parameters that can determine whether a gasket is fit for a given purpose. The DIN 2.4819 spiral wound Style R gasket shows a tensile strength of 601.2 MPa. This is for a 4.8-25.4mm thick material at 538 degrees Celcius.

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Marking Process Of Nickel Alloy C276 Spiral Wound Style CGI Gasket

Manufacturers are to follow a strict marking scheme for every Nickel alloy C276 spiral wound style CGI gasket. Every gasket must have the following information marked on it.

  • Design standard or code – This would be ASME B16.20.
  • Name of the manufacturer of the gasket
  • Winding and filler material – Winding and filler material are marked on the gasket. Furthermore, there is a color code that helps in easy identification.
  • Diameter and pressure class – These indicate the size of the gasket and the load it can bear respectively.
  • Inner and outer ring material

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