Stainless Steel 321 Spiral Wound Gasket

stainless steel 321 spiral wound gasket

What Is Stainless Steel 321 Spiral Wound Gasket?

Spiral wound gaskets are increasingly replacing RTJ gaskets in different applications. These are the go-to gaskets for many customers presently. A stainless steel 321 spiral wound gasket is among the most common variations used in oil and pipe industries. The gasket is made of titanium-stabilized stainless steel with an austenitic structure. The gasket has metal windings made of stainless steel 321 in a “V” shape. These are alternatively wound with filler material like PTFE or graphite. These are recommended for welding purposes and in water-tight flange connections.

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Is SS 321 Spiral Wound Gasket Corrosion Resistance?

The ss 321 spiral wound gasket has good anti-corrosion properties and is particularly strong against intragranular corrosion (427-616°C). Because of the material’s features, the gasket when annealed is similar to a 304 ss gasket. However, it can function even better in the 425-900 degrees celsius range. At ambient temperature, the gasket is resistant to potable water with chlorides up to 200mg/L. Whereas, at 60 degrees Celsius, the resistance reduces to 150 mg/L. However, the gasket is prone to pitting and crevice corrosion in warm chloride environments. Also, above around 60 degrees Celsius, it has the risk of stress corrosion cracking.

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Applications Types of 321 Stainless Steel Spiral Wound Gasket

The 321 stainless steel spiral wound gasket because of its properties is suitable for different applications. These gaskets are flexible sealing solutions where fluctuations in temperature and pressure are common occurrences. Compared to Stainless 304 gaskets, these gaskets have better stress rupture properties and higher creep. Even the basic stainless steel 321 spiral wound style r gasket possesses excellent low-temperature toughness.

Some of its uses are:

  • Aircraft exhaust manifolds
  • Expansion joints
  • Bellows
  • Heating element tubing
  • Heat exchanges
  • High-temperature mineral processing

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Know More About 321 SS Inner Ring Uses & Suitability

The efficiency and performance that the spiral wound gaskets are renowned for are largely owed to the 321 ss inner ring. Had it not been present, the winding materials would have buckled under pressure and parts of it sucked into the pipe. The functions of the inner ring as the compression stop in a 321 ss spiral wound style RIR gasket are imperative. The inner ring has the same material as the metal used in winding. And its thickness must be the same as the outer ring.

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Advantages of SS 321 Outer ring

Both the ss 321 spiral wound gasket inner and outer ring has their advantages that aid in the gasket performance. While the inner ring acts as a compression stop, the outer ring helps the user center the gasket correctly on the flange face. The ss 321 outer ring of a gasket is hence known as the centering ring or the guide ring. It is usually made of carbon steel, although other materials may also be used. For a Werkstoff nr. 1.4541 spiral wound style CGI gasket, the right outer ring diameter depending on flange size.

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What Is UNS S320 Spiral Wound Style CG Gasket Outer ring vs Inner ring?

A UNS S32100 spiral wound style CG gasket only has an outer ring and the sealing element. There is no inner ring in it compared to a CGI-style gasket. Generally, the outer ring acts as the centering ring and controls compression. Whereas it is the inner ring that is the compression stop and prevents buckling of gasket materials under load. Since the CG gasket does not have an inner ring, it is the outer ring that prevents it from being over-compressed.