H13 tool steel round bar

H13 Tool Steel Round Bar

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The H13 hot work steel, which contains chromium and molybdenum, is renowned for its high abrasion resistance and hot hardness. It is ideal for a range of hot work situations because of this. H13 Round Bar can be employed in cold work applications because of its general toughness and hardness. It is, therefore, a well-liked hot-work steel for the creation of molds and dies.

The fact that it resists wearing, erosion, and thermal fatigue well is the cause. Tool steel grades H13 Tool Steel Round Bar, GB 4Cr5MoSiV1 Tool Steel, and DIN 1.2344 are interchangeable. The significant elements of the H13 Material, renowned for its excellent hardenability, flexibility, and toughness, are chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium.

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h13 tool steel round bar specification, composition and mechanical properties

h13 tool steel round bar specification

h13 tool steel round bar properties

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The tool steel’s heat treatment is the final tool’s most crucial component. Without adequate heat treatment, the tool’s quality and functioning will deteriorate, making it useless and faulty. The H13 Tool Steel Bar is a hot work steel with exceptional thermal fatigue, erosion, and wear resistance, making it ideal for creating molds and dies.

In the laser consolidation process, H13 powder with the following chemical makeup was used: 0.42% C, 5.04% Cr, 1.33% Mo, 1.06% V, and 0.88% Si. The LC H13 samples were metallurgically sound and free of fractures or porosity. The AISI H13 Tool Steel Bar had very tiny columnar dendrites oriented along the vertical direction.

H13 stainless steel hex bar with Non-Destructive Testing

Where h13 steel bar used?

The H13 Steel Bar, which provides a good mix of toughness, heat check resistance, high-temperature strength, and mild wear resistance, is the most well-liked and adaptable hot work mold steel. It can tolerate softening up to 550°C and can withstand heat effectively.

Due to all of these chemical and mechanical qualities, it is highly favored. H13 Steel Round Bar makes hot stamping and press forge dies, split hot heading dies, gripper dies, hot punching, piercing, and trimming tools. Other applications include hot work shear blades, plastic molds, and hot swaging dies.

H13 square bar contains good robustness and high-temperature resistance.

What is 1.2344 steel round bar tolerance?

1.2344 Steel Round Bar is a premium high carbon alloy tool steel, another premium hot work tool steel. Oil-quenched and soft materials fall within the 28–34 HRC range. In addition, DIN 1.2344 steel must have an annealing delivery hardness of less than 250HB.

Due to a few unique characteristics, it is one of the most widely used tool steels. Some of the most useful and profitable are as follows:

  • 1% tolerance
  • Positive through-hardening properties
  • Minor deformation that occurs as the Material hardens.
  • Outstanding resistance to abrasion at both low and high temperatures.
  • Exceptional high-temperature strength and resistance to thermal fatigue.
AISI h13 tool steel bar comes in a variety of shapes, including round, flat, and square

Difference between peeled and turned alloy h13 round bars

Peeled or rotated round bars are employed for center grinding, rolling, and burnishing. There are several variations of the same in terms of sizes, forms, lengths, and measurements. These products are renowned for resisting power, dimensional correctness, and length tolerance. A premium range of Alloy Steel H13 Round Bars is produced in accordance with accepted industry standards.

They are produced by a competent producer using premium steel. After that, they are always offered straight and polished. This results in a smoother surface finish, closer tolerances, and more excellent straightness for UNS T20813 Round Bars.