OHNS round bar

OHNS Round Bar

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An oil-hardened, non-shrinkage steel alloy grade is called OHNS Round Bar. This name describes steel grades that, after being hard-bitten and tempered at relatively low temperatures, show slight variation in volume in the galvanized form. Master tools, gauges, and dies all require the OHNS Steel Material. To simplify, the OHNS Rod is used in applications that stress the prominence that the size of the element not be changed once it has been hardened.

OHNS stands for Oil Hardening Non-Shrinking. The Oil Hardening Non-Shrinking (OHNS) die steel refers to an assortment of alloy steels suitable for making tools. Although these steels can be welded, cracks can still emerge. But this can be avoided with convincing qualifications like preheating, proper choice of the electrode, etc. Three modified electrodes are used to weld OHNS die steel in the current work.

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OHNS round bar specification, composition and mechanical properties

OHNS round bar specification

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OHNS round bar properties

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OHNS steel is a wide-ranging purpose tool steel typically used in applications where alloy steels cannot provide excellent hardness, strength, and wear resistance. OHNS material is used in manufacturing tools for machining and gauging, such as machine screw taps, threading dies, and milling cutters.

Because OHNS becomes strong due to the large proportion of carbon and manganese, it is not very malleable. Because of the magnesium, OHNS steels are less brittle than cast or pig iron. The OHNS steel bar is highly pliable even at chilly room temperatures and may be dealt with.

OHNS Tool Steel Flat Bar is generally available in various forms, such as OHNS Square Bar, OHNS Steel Flat Bar, etc. The OHNS Steel Bars are identified as the alloy whose volume experiences very little change in a galvanized condition. The material alloy is treated by galvanizing after being treated by hardening and tempering.

Acoustic emission testing is one of the methods used for OHNS tool steel flat bar

What is the hardness of OHNS hex bar?

The hardness of these OHNS Bars in the Celsius scale is 780-820. Oil-hardened, non-shrinkage steel alloy grade are called OHNS Hex bar. This term refers to steel grades that exhibit little change in volume in galvanized conditions after being hardened and tempered at comparatively low temperatures.

OHNS steel bar comprises annealed material that has been hardened and tempered at relatively low temperatures

What is the density of OHNS rod?

The density of the rod is 8670 kg/m 3. OHNS Rod is used in applications that stress the importance that the size of the component is not changed once it has been hardened after being machined in an annealed condition.

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What is the advantage of oil hardened non srinking steel shaft?

Oil-hardened non-shrinking (OHNS) steel which comes under tool steel, is extensively used in engineering tools for machining and gauging, such as machine screw taps, threading dies, chasers, and milling cutters. OHNS Hardened Non-Shrinking steel flat bars are used in several applications such as food processing equipment, tools and knives, oil and gas industries, and many more.

Oil hardened non-shrinking steel shaft gives minor distortion, the ability to toughen localized and unapproachable areas, high-speed processing, and improved mechanical properties such as hardness, apathy, and wear resistance.