AISI 1084 flat bar

AISI 1084 Flat Bar

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What is AISI 1084 flat bar?

Carbon steel is an alloy of iron and carbon primarily used in industrial applications due to its hardness and high strength-to-weight ratio. Its usage ranges from construction to engineering, including the production of car bodies, ship hulls, pipelines, and other structural components. Carbon steel is also used in the production of knives, tools, and machines, as well as in the manufacturing of automotive parts and components.

AISI 1084 flat bar is a high-carbon steel variant that is commonly used in applications where high strength and good malleability are desired. Its chemical composition includes 0.80–0.90% carbon, 0.30–0.50% manganese, 0.04% phosphorus, 0.04% sulfur, and 0.20–0.30% silicon. AISI 1084 steel flat bar is often referred to as UNS G10840 flat rod and is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes. Due to its high carbon content, the 1084 steel flat bar is often used for forging applications such as tools, blades, and springs. It is also used in applications that require high strength, such as shafts and gears.

1084 high carbon steel flat bar sizes, chemical composition and mechanical properties

AISI 1084 flat bar specification

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Is 1084 steel flat bar a high carbon steel?

Carbon steel grade 1084 flat bar, also referred to as AISI 1084 carbon steel flat bar, is high-carbon steel containing 0.80–0.94% carbon. This grade of steel is commonly used in applications that require high strength and toughness, such as axles, drive shafts, and crankshafts. It is also used for applications that require excellent wear resistance, such as shear blades.

Due to its high carbon content, 1084 carbon steel flat bars have a higher level of strength and hardness than other low-carbon steels and are ideal for applications that demand higher strength and toughness. UNS G10840 Flat Rod is a versatile material that can be used for a variety of applications, including fabrication and machining. It is strong and durable, making it a great material for use in construction and manufacturing.

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How thick is 1084 high carbon steel flat bar?

1084 High Carbon Steel Flat Bar is typically used for forging and heat treating applications and is available in a wide range of thicknesses ranging from 0.125″ to 4″. It has a high carbon content, which provides excellent hardness and strength, making it an ideal choice for both cold and hot working applications. It is also wear-resistant and easy to machine, making it a popular choice in the fabrication of various tools and components.

The carbon steel 1084 bright flat bar can also be used in applications that require cold-drawn parts, such as valve stems and automotive fasteners. The high manganese content gives the steel improved wear resistance, making it ideal for parts that are subject to wear and abrasion.

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How strong is AISI 1084 steel flats?

AISI 1084 steel plate is a type of high-carbon steel, specifically classified as medium-carbon steel, that provides excellent strength, wear resistance, and ductility. This type of steel is often used in the manufacture of knives, swords, and other edged tools due to its superior hardness and toughness, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring superior strength and wear resistance.

In addition, AISI 1084 steel plates offer good machinability and weldability properties, making them suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications such as automotive components, machine parts, and construction materials.

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Can you weld UNS G10840 flat rod?

UNS G10840 flat rod is a grade of cobalt-based alloy steel and is commonly used in the aerospace industry due to its high wear and corrosion resistance characteristics. Welding UNS G10840 flat rod requires the use of inert gas, such as argon, as it is not suitable for fusion welding with conventional methods. Specialized welding techniques, such as TIG welding, are required to weld AISI 1084 steel flat bar successfully.

The welding process must also be undertaken with proper safety measures in place to reduce the risk of contamination and ensure optimal weld integrity.1084 steel flat bar is also easy to weld and has excellent machinability, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. Furthermore, it is corrosion-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use and harsh environments.