AISI 1340 steel flat bar

AISI 1340 Steel Flat Bar

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What is AISI 1340 steel flat bar?

AISI 1340 Steel Flat Bar is an alloy steel that has several industrial applications. It is a specific, high-quality steel with a chemical makeup that includes components like chromium, cobalt, and nickel, among others. For various kinds of applications, these steels can be subjected to particular melting and oxidation procedures.

Grade 1340 Bright Flat Bar also includes a variety of steels whose compositions go beyond the Si, Cr, Ni, Mo, Mn, B, and C limits set aside for carbon steels. Other subtypes include Steel 1340 Sheared & Edged Flat Bar.

The Component elements that determine the properties of the steel include 0.38 – 0.43 % of carbon along with Iron being the major component with 97.25 – 97.87 % content. Along with these, it contains 1.6 – 1.9 % of Manganese, 0.035% of Phosphorus along with other elements like Silicon and Sulfur.

1340 steel properties, equivalent, sizes, and chemical composition

AISI 1340 steel flat bar specification

AISI 1340 steel flat bar properties

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What is 1340 steel flats used for?

Having high content of Manganese makes the steel pretty useful in industries for the manufacture of various equipment. Recessed-head screws, high-strength bolts, machined components, socket screws, screws, construction applications, and cap screws are all made of alloy steel 1340 steel flats. It is also utilized in a wide range of manufacturing and industrial sectors. It can be used to create industrial components.

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What is the ultimate tensile strength of 1340 quenched and tempered steel in MPa?

The ultimate and yield tensile strengths of AISI 1340 steel flat bars are 703 MPa and 434 MPa, respectively. These AISI 1340 Alloy Steel Flat Bars may occasionally undergo heat treatment to achieve the desired properties. Alloy steels are much more responsive to mechanical and heat treatments than carbon steels. The same can be said for Alloy Steel UNS G13400 Flat Rod.

For steel 1340 sheared & edged flat bar, the conditions for hot rolling and cold finishing are annealed at 800°C and furnace-cooled at 11°C/hour to 600°C in Dubai

Is AISI 1340 flats good?

AISI 1340 flats are renowned for their nimble strength and corrosion resistance. It will endure tough times and is used by all kinds of industries for their construction purposes. By using a typical fusion and resistance procedure, it is successfully welded with other components. It is also utilized for a variety of industrial purposes due to its durability.

AISI 1340 alloy steel flat bar includes a maximum of 9.8 metres in length for deep holes drilling

How strong is 1340 steel flat rod?

Flat bars made of AISI 1340 Steel Flat Bars have a high level of strength. The elongation at break for AISI 1340 Flat Bar is 25.5% in 50 mm. The tensile strength of the UNS G13400 Rolling Flat Bar is 703 MPa, and the yield strength is 434 MPa. Additionally, it is strong, hard, and tough. Rockwell B hardness is 93, Rockwell C hardness is 15, Vickers hardness is 217, Brinell hardness is 207, Knoop hardness is 207, and it is among the strongest due to its hardness, abrasion resistance, and capacity to maintain shape at high temperatures.