Stainless Steel Lock Washer

304 stainless steel star lock washers and SS lock washer suppliers in UAE

Stainless Steel Lock Washer

304 SS starlock washer and nord lock stainless steel washers available in zinc, phosphate, cadmium coating

What are Stainless Steel Lock Washer?

In high-pressure or high-vibration applications, it is rather easy for fasteners to come undone. This can be rectified by using stainless steel lock nuts. These nuts will resist coming undone because the prevailing torque causes some damage within itself forming a locking mechanism.

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Stainless Steel Lock Washer Specifications

Stainless Steel Lock Washer Chemical Composition

Stainless Steel Lock Washer Mechanical Properties

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What is the purpose of Stainless Steel Split Lock Washer and how do they work?

Wingnuts are fasteners that can be tightened or loosened without tools. As they are threaded, they are fastened to their threaded counterpart in a similar manner to that of regular nuts.

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How and when should SS Starlock Washer be used?

These fasteners are typically seen in high-vibration applications. Since high vibrations could loosen a nut and bolt arrangement, a Stainless Steel Lock Washer is used to prevent the unscrewing rotation of the fastening assembly. There are various types of lock washers available in the market. Finding the right one can sustain the application for a longer duration. These washers are inserted into a threaded fastener (bolt), being placed under its head. The component will be sandwiched between the face of the object and beneath the head of a bolt. The assembly is complete when a nut is used to tighten the other side of the object.

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How is tensile strength measured on SS lock washer?

One can determine the tensile strength of a stainless steel lock nut with the following formula –
P = St x As
P is equivalent to the Tensile load– a direct measurement of clamp load (pounds or Newton)
St is the Tensile strength i.e. the generic measurement of the material’s strength (psi, MPa).
As refers to the Tensile stress area for the fastener or area of material (square inch or square mm)