Ductile iron cement lined pipe

Ductile iron cement lined pipe

What is ductile iron cement lined pipe ?

The cement-mortar lined ductile pipes come with a cement lining on the inner surface. The Ductile iron cement lined pipes are commonly used in the water distribution system. The lined ductile iron pipes creates a protective layer on the inner sides of the ductile iron pipe, which helps to enhance its longevity. The ductile iron pipe with cement lining is perfect for continuous use in environments wherein the pH ranges between 6 and 12 (for non-seal coated lining), and between 4 and 12 (for seal coated lining).

The occurrence of electrochemical corrosion can be prevented on the ductile iron cement lined pipes and they also help to increase the pH at the surface for mitigating tuberculation. These pipes show better vibration damping properties compared to steel, but are less ductile. They have high strength, long lifespan, and show superior performance. It usually comes with a superior rubber ring joint which offers leakage proof connection and strong sealing.

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Ductile Iron Cement Lined Pipe Specification

Ductile Iron Cement Lined Pipe Dimensions

What is ductile iron concrete lined pipe thickness ?

The thickness of the ductile iron concrete lined pipe ranges between 5-12 mm. However all the dimensions of these pipes are customizable according to the specific requirements of the client. The thickness can also vary with the given length of the pipe.

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How should I repair cast iron cement lined pipe ?

The steps to repair are as follows:

  • The damaged area should be cut to the metal surface. Ensure that the edges should be undercut or perpendicular.
  • Now the damaged area should be cleaned and the surrounding area needs to be repaired.
  • A stiff mortar should be mixed which consists of two part sand and one part cement by volume.
  • The area that needs to be repaired and its surrounding area should be made wet.
  • Using a trowel, cement lining should be applied to the damaged area and then the area should be smoothed out same as the undamaged lining.

After repairing cast iron concrete lined pipe, the repaired lining should be kept in a moist condition by tying canvas over the pipe ends or fittings for at least 24 hours.

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How ductile iron pipe lined with cement?

A system of hoppers continuously mix fresh cement which is delivered through augers as the pipe slowly rotates. After receiving the cement, pipe move to the high-speed ring-out station, where they vibrate and spin to spread and compact the lining uniformly in the pipe. This process also draws the cement fines to the surface and helps begin the curing process.
At the Bell Wash station, pipe are inspected and cleaned. A stream of water down the pipe barrel removes surface fines, and helps the sealcoat bond properly to the lining.
If any cement or other debris remain in the bell cavity, gaskets will not seat properly during assembly.

Quality checks are performed to ensure the cement has been applied at the proper thickness.
The finish-line conveyor then moves the cement mortar lining for ductile iron pipe into a warm-air drying oven, optimizing the cement surface for an application of sealcoat.

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What is inside diameter of concrete lined di pipe ?

The inside diameter of the concrete lined di pipe is greater than the nominal diameter.

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What is temperature range of cement mortar lined ductile iron pipe ?

The temperature range of cement mortar lined ductile iron pipe should not exceed 150 degrees F.