Zinc coated ductile iron pipe

Zinc coated ductile iron pipe

What is zinc coated ductile iron pipe ?

A ductile iron pipe when sprayed with a zinc coating on the outer surface and then covered with an asphalt topcoat, is called Zinc Coated Ductile Iron Pipe. The Cast iron zinc coating pipe has a longer service life of around hundred years compared to the service life of uncoated pipes, which is around fifty to eighty years. The Ductile iron zinc coated pipe is an affordable choice and it is a preferred option for applications that require high corrosion resisting properties.

Find trustworthy suppliers who offer metallic zinc coating for ductile iron pipe in UAE; learn about how thick is zinc coating and how is it applied

Zinc Coated Ductile Iron Pipe Specification

Zinc Coated Ductile Iron Pipe Weight and Thickness

How thick is zinc coating and how is it applied on ductile iron pipe?

The zinc coating is applied to the ductile iron pipe with the help of an electric arc spray gun. The pipe is rotated, and the rotation speed along with the air pressure is carefully controlled so as to provide an uniform application of 200 g/m2. The Zinc coated iron pipe does not need any surface prep but minimizing the moisture on the surface improves the coat quality.

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Why ductile iron pipe is protected by zinc ?

The zinc reacts with the oxygen present in the air and forms a protective layer. The layer protects the Zinc coating ductile iron pipe and prevents oxygen from coming in contact with the iron, thus slowing the possibilities of getting corrosion. The asphalt topcoat can help in isolating zinc from the soil, which enhances the ability to protect the pipe.

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On Ductile iron zinc coated pipe, may cathodic protection be added?

Zinc shows anodic characteristics to iron, thus it will protect the Metallic zinc coating for ductile iron pipe in a way which is quite similar to cathodic protection.

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Which pipe manufacturers provide zinc coating?

All reputed manufacturers offering high quality ductile iron pipe, can customize its surface coating and offer you with the Ductile iron pipe zinc coating.

In the GCC countries, numerous distributors of zinc-coated ductile iron pipe offer cut-to-length services; for more information, see how can we recognize zinc-coated di pipe.

How can we recognise zinc-coated di pipe?

The Zinc coated di pipe will have a smooth and shiny appearance. Even though it is not aesthetically pleasing, it will offer the best protection against rust.