K12 ductile iron pipe

K12 ductile iron pipe

What is k12 ductile iron pipe ?

The DI K9 types of pipes are used worldwide due to the superior mechanical properties it offers. The K12 ductile iron pipe is known for showing great resistance to corrosion and toughness. The Class k12 ductile iron spun di pipe also has high ductility and strength. The wall thickness of the Ductile iron k12 pipe is 7 mm. The K12 ductile iron pipes are available in many sizes and thickness, but they are usually heavier than the K7 pipes. They come with a long lifespan and are quite affordable too. The Class k12 ductile iron pipes are used in a wide range of industries including chemical, oil and gas, etc.

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K12 Ductile Iron Pipe Specification

K12 Ductile Iron Pipe Properties

Cast iron k12 vs k9

The primary difference between Cast iron k12 vs k9 pipes are in their nominal diameter. The K9 pipes can handle less pressure compared to the K12 pipe. The K12 pipes are also heavier than the K9 ones

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Are all push-on joint gaskets for k12 di pipe interchangeable?

All the push-on joint gaskets for Class k12 di pipes are interchangeable given they adhere to the specified tolerance.

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When is the usage of polyethylene encasement necessary?

Polyethylene encasement method is used for protecting the Ductile iron pipe class k12 installed in a corrosive environment.

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What are benefits of ductile iron pipe class k12 ?

The Ductile iron pipe k12 comes with several benefits like:

  • Good resistance to corrosion
  • Good toughness
  • High ductility and strength
  • Good machinability
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Where k12 class cast iron pipe is used ?

The K12 di water pipes are used all over the world. The Di k12 seamless pipes are also used for transporting gas and sewage.