ISO 2531 ductile iron pipe

ISO 2531 ductile iron pipe

What is iso 2531?

ISO 2531 specifies the requirements and test methods applicable for ductile iron pipe fittings, joints, and accessories used in pipeline constructions. The iso 2531 ductile iron pipe is mainly used for conveying water, with or without pressure in both above and below the ground applications. These are manufactured according to international standards, and they can convey sewerage and other fluids too. The standard specifies material, dimensions, tolerances, standard coatings, and mechanical properties of the pipe. They are normally delivered with internal and external coating and they are normally delivered as per the allowable operating pressure. They show good strength and durability and thus are ideal for high pressure applications.

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ISO 2531 Ductile Iron Pipe Specification

ISO 2531 Ductile Iron Pipe Dimensions/ Weight

Iso 2531 vs is 8329

ISO 2531 is the European standard which specifies materials, mechanical properties, dimensions, and tolerances for piping fittings and accessories. It also includes standard coatings for Iso2531 ductile iron pipe. IS 8329 is the Indian standard for centrifugally cast ductile iron. They are available with thickness class of k7 and k8, which are based on the method of production facilities. They show high resistance to breakage and high tensile strength. They have comparable corrosion resisting power like that of cast iron but they are much lighter.

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Can you drill iso2531 di pipe ?

The Iso2531 di pipe can be drilled using standard tools.

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Which test methods apply on iso 2531 ductile iron pipe ?

Hydrostatic testing can be done.

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What are thickness classes as per ductile iron pipe iso 2531?

The thickness of the Ductile iron pipe iso 2531 should be as per class 25, class 30, class 40, and class 50.

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What is laying length of iso-2531 di pipe ?

The standard laying length of Iso-2531 ductile iron pipe is 18-20-foot.