DIN 17175 pipe

DIN 17175 Pipe

What is din 17175 pipe ?

DIN 17175 is a specification for alloy steel pipes that are heat resistant and used for applications taking place in high pressure environments and temperature up to 600 degrees C. The DIN 17175 Pipe is widely used in boiler construction, pipelines, pressure equipment, and vessels. The DIN 17175 Seamless Alloy Steel Pipe has good mechanical properties and even under long-term load, it has heat strength. Different grades are present under this standard specification like St35.8, St45.8, 15Mo3, 13CrMo44, 10CrMo910, and all of them are to be used in elevated temperature conditions.

These pipes are basically manufactured from low-alloy steel grades and carbon, and they can effectively resist load under high temperature and pressure conditions. They are also used in the construction of power engineering appliances and machinery for high temperature and pressure devices. These pipes are available with different surface finishes and their dimensions are customizable according to the specific requirements of the client.

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DIN 17175 pipe equivalent astm, dimensions, and specification

DIN 17175 Pipe Specification

DIN 17175 Pipe Properties

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What is din standard for pipes ?

DIN depicts German Standardization for pipes and tubes. DIN 17175 is used for seamless steel boiler tubes that are specially used for heating surface tubes. They are used as a low and medium pressure boiler tubes.

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Why din 17175 alloy steel pipes is suitable for high pressure application ?

Due to the chemical composition of the DIN 17175 alloy steel pipes, they are suitable for high temperature applications. These pipes are made from premium grade materials so as to prevent the pipe from chafing and rust. These pipes are available with various specifications and clients can choose according to their requirements. These pipes are also tested on various parameters so as to ensure its quality and flawless delivery of the products to the client. These pipes also have precise construction along with rust resistance, high tensile strength, etc.

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What are classification of din 17175 steel pipes ?

The DIN 17175 steel pipes are available in different grades:

  • St35.8
  • St45.8
  • 17Mn4
  • 19Mn5
  • 15Mo3
  • 13CrMo910
  • 10CrMo910
  • 14MoV63
  • X20CrMoV121
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What are equivalent astm of din 17175 heat-resisting seamless steel tube ?

The equivalent ASTM of DIN 17175 Heat-resisting seamless steel tube is ASTM A369.

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What are benefits of din 17175-79 seamless steel tubes ?

The most important benefit of DIN 17175-79 Seamless steel tubes is that it can withstand high pressure and temperature up to 600 degrees C. These are heat resistant steel materials which can be used in various construction projects. They can be used in a wide range of harsh environments including petrochemical industries and marine applications. They are available in different wall thicknesses ranging between 3 mm to 60mm and their pipe schedule ranges between sch10 to sch160. They come with low carbon content which means reduced chances of carbide precipitation at the time of welding. Preheating should be applied based on the welding procedure.