DIN 557 square nut

DIN 557 square nut

What is DIN 557 square nut?

A DIN 557 square nut is a fastener that is designed with four equal sides. The DIN 557 Square Nut helps create an efficient connection to different fastening equipment. These nuts help create a greater surface contact area and performance. A DIN 557 Nut help prevent radial movement and create a strong clamping force. These nuts are torqued efficiently in place. They are available in different sizes and shapes.

DIN 557 Square Nut Specifications

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What is DIN 557 nut?

A DIN 557 nut is a German standard fastener employed to fasten different material efficiently. These nuts help create superior clamping force and prevent any radial movement. They have good performance and work in different corrosive environments.

Check the characteristics, dimensions and specification of DIN 557 nut and chamfered square nuts

Characteristics of metric DIN 557 regular square nuts

A metric DIN 557 regular square nut is a four sided nut used to strongly affix different material. The Metric DIN 557 Regular Square Nuts are designed in standard sizes of M5 to M20 or more. These nuts are generally used alongside a metric bolt or fasteners.

Metric DIN 557 regular square nuts and din557 stainless steel A2 square nut used in pipeline industries in Middle East countries

Where is DIN 557 brass square nuts used?

A DIN 557 brass square nut is used to secure bolts, screws, studs, rods, and other equipment. The DIN 557 Brass Square Nuts are used in fastening systems, machinery units, foundation, furniture equipment, etc.

DIN 557 brass square nuts available in M5- M16 metric sizes

How do you measure a DIN 557 chamfered square nuts?

A chamfered square nut can be measured by laying it down and measuring with tape across its side. If the DIN 557 Chamfered Square Nuts are metric, count the number of lines on the tape. If you count the lines and you see 8 lines, then it is 8mm. If the Square Nut Plain DIN 557 is in the US standard, count the smallest line and measure it in sixteenths. Add the sixteenths with the number of threads. So, if you count 10 lines, the DIN 557 Stainless Steel Square Nuts will be 10/16.

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Advantages and disadvantages of DIN557 stainless steel A2 square nut

The DIN 557 SS A2 square nut has a greater surface area and allows an excellent connection. A DIN 557 Stainless Steel A2 Square Nut can be easily fastened and has greater resistance to loosening. They are less likely to be rounded after repeated loosening or tightening. However, they cannot handle much load and wear under stress.