DIN 931 bolt

DIN 931 bolt

What is DIN 931 bolt?

The DIN 931 bolt is a hexagon shaped fastener grade specification. A DIN 931 Bolt are partially threaded, that help in connecting different material efficiently. These bolts require a nut or washer to hold them firmly. The Hexagon Head Bolt DIN 931 can also be used without a nut within the pre-tapped hole. The bolts are used in Grades 5, 8, 10, and 12 sizes. A DIN 931 Hexagon head bolts with shank are available in sizes from M3 to M64. These bolts can be availed in UNC, UNF, BSW, and BSF threads. The Hex Bolt DIN 931 can be coated with protective material to give them better resistance to harsh and corrosive media. Hex Head Bolt DIN 931 is available in standard lengths from 5mm to 600mm based on the size of the fastener. The DIN 931 Hex Head Screw can be customized to suit project requirements.

DIN 931 Bolt Specifications

DIN 931 Bolt Weight

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How do you read a DIN 931 hex bolt code?

The DIN 931 hex bolt is made by the marking of the grade. A DIN 931 Hex Bolt has an x mark which indicates its manufactures name. The M2 or other specifications determine the diameter of the grade.

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How do I identify a DIN 931-1 bolt?

The DIN 931-1 bolt is a standard specification for hex head grade. A DIN 931-1 Bolt is a 6-sided grade having a hexagonal cross section and can be easily maneuvered.

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What is a DIN 931 hex head bolt tensile strength?

The DIN 931 hex head bolts are an austenitic grade of steel. A DIN 931 Hex Head Bolt has a minimum tensile strength of 500 N/mm2.

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How do you determine DIN 931 hex cap screw size?

The DIN 931 hex cap screw can be determined by checking its diameter and length of the grade. A DIN 931 Hex Cap Screw diameter is checked based on its major diameter from one thread to the other. The minor diameter is checked by measuring the shaft of the grade. The length of the screw is the distance from the hexagonal head to its blunt end.

DIN 931 hexagon head bolts with shank used for heavy-duty fixing applications

What are hexagon head screw DIN 931 used for?

The hex head screw of DIN 931 is used in high tensile and critical applications. A Hexagon Head Screw DIN 931 is a feature in bridges, water treatment, sewage plants, wind energy, infrastructure systems, etc.