ISO 3506-1 fasteners

ISO 3506-1 Fasteners

What are ISO 3506-1 fasteners?

The ISO 3506-1 fastener cover austenitic, martensitic, and ferritic steel grades. These ISO 3506-1 Fasteners have good resistance to corrosive media in harsh environments. They create a strong connection in the system. The BS ISO 3506-1 Stud Bolts have good mechanical properties and work in higher pressure and temperature conditions. The versatile grade of ISO/FDIS 3506-1 Studs have superior mechanical properties and are very reliable. These studs cover property classes 50, 70, and 80. The ISO 3506-1 Screws are similar to bolts and can be coated with a protective layer to give them an edge.

ISO 3506-1 Fasteners Specifications

ISO 3506-1 Fasteners Chemical Composition

ISO 3506-1 Fasteners Mechanical Properties

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What is ISO 3506-1 material?

The ISO 3506-1 material covers standard stainless steel corrosion resistant grades. An EN ISO 3506-1 Threaded Rod specification has a superior chemical content that gives them an edge in the industry. These rods showcase good corrosion resistant properties and are very reliable in their functioning.

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What are the properties of a BS ISO 3506-1 bolts?

The BS ISO 3506-1 bolt is a fastener that works in high and lower temperature conditions. These BS ISO 3506-1 Bolts are designed in grades A1 to A5 and designed in tensile strength between 500 to 800mpa. They have a yield strength between 210 to 600mpa and be elongated by 0.6d to 0.3d specifications.

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What are ISO DIS 3506-1 boltings used for?

The ISO DIS 3506-1 bolting is used in high tensile and critical applications. These ISO DIS 3506-1 Boltings are a feature in wind energy, infrastructure, pipelines, sewage plants, bridges, water treatment plants, etc.

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Advantages of ISO/FDIS 3506-1 hex bolts

An ISO/FDIS 3506-1 hex bolt is a 6-sided fastener that can fit well across compact spaces. The ISO/FDIS 3506-1 Hex Bolts can resist vibration and tension in the system. These bolts have good corrosion resistance and enhanced performance in harsh environments. ISO DIS 3506-1 Hex Head Bolt can hold higher volumes of load over standard bolts. They thereby help reduce the weight of the equipment.

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What are the sizes of DIN EN ISO 3506-1 heavy hex bolts?

The DIN EN ISO 3506-1 heavy hex bolt is a higher thickness fastener grade. These DIN EN ISO 3506-1 Heavy Hex Bolts with coarse pitch thread have sizes of M1,6 to M39. The fine pitch threads have lengths from M8x1 to M39x3.