ISO 4032 hex nut

ISO 4032 hex nut

What is ISO 4032 hex nut?

The ISO 4032 hex nut is a six sided fastener that can fasten different equipment efficiently. An ISO 4032 Hex Nut comes under the International Organization for Standardization. These nuts help create a strong sealing point. The ISO 4032 Grade A Hexagonal Nut can be easily clamped and prevent axial movement. These nuts are used alongside bolts, screws, studs, threaded rods, etc. Adhesives can also be used with the nuts to prevent them from loosening in the system.

ISO 4032 Hex Nut Specifications

Check the dimensions, weight and size chart of the hexagon nut ISO 4032

What size is nut ISO4032?

The ISO 4032 nuts are designed in standard sizes of M6 to M64. A Nut ISO4032 has a thread pitch from 2mm to 6mm and a thickness of 14.80 to 51m. They can be customized to suit project requirements.

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Advantages and disadvantages of hexagon nut ISO 4032

A hexagon ISO 4032 nut is a 6 sided grade specification. The Hexagon Nut ISO 4032 is easy to turn and fasten using the right material. These nuts prevent loosening and reduce any radial movement. They work in compact spaces and work well in harsh environmental conditions. The ISO 4032 Hexagon Nut may require special equipment to fasten in place. The use of these wrenches requires more space than normal fastening material.

ISO 4032 nut and heavy hex nuts are available in M10, M16, M24 sizes

Where to use hex nut ISO 4032 ?

The ISO 4032 hex nut is designed for high tensile and critical applications. A Hex Nut ISO 4032 is used in pipelines, sewage plants, water treatment, infrastructure, wind energy, etc.

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How do you calculate torque of a ISO 4032 nut ?

The ISO 4032 nuts torque can be calculated using the formula T= K x D x P.
Here, T= target tightening torque of the ISO 4032 Nut.
K= coefficient of friction
D= diameter of the nut
P= desired tensile load

Check online ISO 4032 Grade A hexagonal nut standards, hardness and tolerance chart

What is the hardness of ISO 4032 hexagon nut?

The hardness of the ISO 4032 hexagon nut is dependent on the material used in different applications. Generally, the Hexagon Regular Nut ISO 4032 is designed with a Rockwell B hardness of 70 or more.