Maraging steel c300 plate

maraging steel c300 plate

What is maraging steel c300 plate?

Maraging steel is a martensitic hard form of steel crystalline grade. Maraging steel c300 plate has a chemical composition of carbon, silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorous, cobalt, nickel, molybdenum, titanium, aluminum, and iron. This gives the maraging steel 300 alloy steel plate good resistance to corrosive media. These plates have good strength and toughness. But this doesn’t affect the ductility of the grade.

The ams 6521 plate is tolerant to hydrogen embrittlement and stress corrosion. The plates have good machinability and can be readily welded following standard procedures. Ams 6514 plate is available in different sizes to meet different customer requirements.

C300 maraging steel properties, size, specification, composition, and thickness | Contact listed suppliers for any specific size and price list

Maraging Steel C300 Plate Specification

Maraging Steel C300 Plate Properties

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Is vascomax 300® sheet crack resistance?

The vascomax c300 sheet has excellent resistance to crack propagation due to its versatile chemical makeup. A vascomax c300 plate thereby, is a reliable choice in harsh environments.


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Maraging steel c300 vs c200

The maraging 200 has an ultimate tensile strength of 210,000 psi with a minimum yield strength of 206,00psi. Maraging 300 sheet has an ultimate tensile strength of 294,000 psi with a minimum yield strength of 290,00psi. This gives the astm a 538 uns k93120 sheet better strength than the 200 grade.


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What are the standards for maraging 300 sheet?

The maraging gr 300 steel sheet is designed in grades ams 6514, astm a538, uns the grade 300 maraging steel sheet can also be availed in grades k 93120, and mil-s-46850d.


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Maraging steel c300 vs c250

The maraging c300 and c250 are high strength grades. A vdimor 300 sheet is heavier and harder than the c250 grade. The c300 also has better mechanical properties than the c250 specification. provide you full line support to find the best suppliers of grade 300 maraging steel sheet in all sizes & thickness with MTC, know buying tips


How to check the quality of vascomax c300 plate before accepting ?

The first and most important test is to check any physical attributes of the c300 maraging steel plate. The plates can be checked based on their test results to check whether they meet the standards of the delivered product.