SAE J429 Grade 2 bolt

SAE J429 Grade 2 Bolt

What is SAE J429 Grade 2 bolt?

The SAE J429 grade 2 bolt covers tempered and quenched material specifications. An SAE J429 Grade 2 Bolt covers medium carbon alloy steel that is designed in sizes of 1/4 to 1-1/2 inches. These bolts are employed to create a strong sealing between different equipment. The SAE J429 Square Head Bolts Grade 2 can create a temporary or permanent connection. These bolts have enhanced resistance to corrosive media in harsh environments. An SAE J429 Gr 2 Bolt Washer is used alongside the bolt allowing for even pressure and weight distribution. These washers prevent the material from damage and torsion. The SAE J429 3M Grade 2 Threaded Rod is threaded across its length and is very reliable. They can be availed in an array of sizes to meet project specifications.

SAE J429 Grade 2 Bolt Specifications

SAE J429 Grade 2 Bolt Properties

SAE J429 Grade 2 Bolt Weight Chart

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What is a SAE J429 Grade 2 fasteners used for?

The SAE J429 gr 2 fasteners are used to create a reliable connection and are a feature in different applications. These SAE J429 Grade 2 Fasteners are a feature in automotive, fastening equipment, machinery units, the military sector, etc.

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How do you determine SAE J429 Grade 2 round head carriage bolt strength?

The SAE J429 Grade 2 carriage bolt strength can be determined by finding their mechanical properties. Generally, the SAE J429 Grade 2 Round Head Carriage Bolt is based on its proof stress and tensile or yield strengths.

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What are the advantages of hex head bolt SAE J429 Grade 2?

The hex head SAE J429 gr 2 bolts create a strong sealing joint. This Hex Head Bolt SAE J429 Grade 2 can fit well in compact spaces and has increased tightening torque. They can handle a higher load and don’t get easily damaged under stress.

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What are the characteristics of J429 Grade 2 hex cap screws?

The J429 GR 2 hex cap screw is a medium carbon alloy grade. These J429 Grade 2 Hex Cap Screws are six-sided fasteners having a hexagonal cross section. These screws have a higher torque tightening property but can handle higher loads. The SAE J429 Grade 2 Hex Tap Bolt has good corrosion and superior reliability.

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What weight can a SAE J429 Grade 2 hex bolts hold?

The weight of the SAE J429 gr 2 hex bolt weight is dependent on the size and other finish characteristics of the grade. Generally, SAE J429 Grade 2 Hex Bolts can hold anywhere between 600 to 35,000 lbs of load.