2017 Aluminum Plate

2017 aluminum plate

What is 2017 aluminum plate ?

The Aluminium 2017 is a heat treatable wrought alloy grade. A 2017 Aluminum Plate has a chemical composition of aluminum, copper, manganese, iron, magnesium, zinc, titanium, and chromium. Designed in thickness above 6mm, the Aluminium 2017 Plate has good resistance to corrosive affluents and harsh environments. The plates have good ductility and excellent formability.

The ASME SB209 2017 Aluminum Hot Rolled Plate is processed at high temperatures till they reach its recrystallization limit. The plates have good machinability and enhanced weldability. The 2017 Aluminium Alloy Cold Rolled Plate is wound soon after the hot rolling process. These plates have an excellent surface finish and offer an aesthetical outlook to onlookers.

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2017 Aluminum Plate Specification

2017 Aluminum Plate Properties

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2017 aluminum vs 6061

The 2017 and 6061 aluminum are popular choices of aluminum. ASTM B209 2017 Aluminum Perforated Sheet has better yield strength, but the tensile strength of aluminum 6061 is higher. The 2017 alloys have excellent shear strength compared to the 6061 aluminum alloys. The copper content in the Aluminium Alloys 2017 Chequered Plate is higher. However, the aluminum and chromium content are higher in the Aluminium 6061 specification.


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How to form 2017 aluminum sheet?

Aluminum metal is passed between rolls under immense pressure creating thinner and longer material. The 2017 Aluminum sheet formation starts by preheating the sheet ingots. Once the ingot is heated to rolling temperatures it is followed by feeding it in breakdown mills. Here, the sheet is rolled to desired thickness. After this, the sheet may be wound in the form of a coil.


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What is the uses of aluminium alloys 2017 sheet?

The aluminum 2017 alloys are popular grades in different applications. Aluminium Alloys 2017 Sheet are common in aerospace components, rivets, general structural components, transportation, fasteners, etc. The sheets are also seen in pulleys, gauges, screw machine products, etc.


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Tips in selecting superior aluminium 2017 plate

The best way to get a superior quality Aluminium 2017 plate is by selecting a reliable dealer. Check for dealers who offer quality certificates on the DIN 3.1325 Coil to avail the best products.


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What is the best property of the 2017 aluminum sheet?

The 2017 Aluminum sheet showcases superior strength and is known for its ductility and superior machinability. The UNS A92017 Strip also has excellent corrosion resistance properties across harsh environments.