6061 T6 Aluminum Sheet

6061 t6 aluminum sheet

What is 6061 t6 aluminum sheet ?

The 6061 t6 grade is a precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy grade. A 6061 t6 aluminum sheet has primary constituents of aluminum, manganese, silicon, iron, copper, chromium, zinc, titanium, manganese, etc. The aluminum sheet 6061 has good corrosion resistance with moderate strength. These sheets are tempered giving them a good strength-to-weight ratio. A 6061 t6 aluminum plate has a density of 2.7 g/cm3 with a hardness of 95 brinell.

These sheets also showcase excellent mechanical performance in different environments. The din 3.3211 perforated sheet has an ultimate tensile strength of 310mpa with a minimum yield strength of 276mpa. The sheets have a fatigue strength of 96.5mpa with a shear modulus of 26 gpa. The astm b209 al 6061-t6 strip can be welded following standard conditions. In the t6 conditions, the welds may lose some strength which has to be restored by artificial aging or re-heating. A t6 aluminum sheet is common in welded assemblies, marine frames, the aircraft sector, electronic parts, heat exchangers, etc.

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6061 T6 Aluminum Sheet Specification

6061 T6 Aluminum Sheet Properties

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6061 t6 vs t651

T6 and t651 are two common tempers of aluminum grade. A t6 aluminium sheet is a combination of solution treatment and artificial aging. The t651 temper is solution treated, stress relieved by stretching, and artificially aged to create a precise workpiece.

The 6061 t6 vs t651 can be differentiated based on dimensional stability and elastic allowance. T651 should be selected to avoid elastic recovery and get dimensional stability. Asme sb209 slitting coil is preferred if no requirements for any elastic allowance or dimensional stability.


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How to bend 6061-t6 aluminum sheet ?

The aluminium 6061-t6 grade is a heat treatable alloy that can be easily bent in annealed conditions. The bending of the t6 temper requires greater caution and larger bending radii to avoid cracking.


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Why is 6061 aluminium sheet most frequently treated with t6 heat treatment?

The 6061 aluminum sheet is heat treated with t6 to provide maximum precipitation hardening. This enables it to increase the hardness of the alloy by as much as 30% in the system.


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How hard is 6061 t6 aluminum sheet ?

The aluminum 6061 t6 sheet has a hardness of 95 brinell max.


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What are the price differences between aluminium alloy plates 6061 t5 and t6?

T5 and t6 are two tempers of the 6061 titanium alloy grade. Both have near-identical properties. However, the 6061 t6 aluminum sheet price is higher than the t5 specification.