5052 Aluminum Sheet

5052 aluminum sheet

What is 5052 aluminum sheet ?

The aluminum 5052 sheet is a non-heat treatable alloy grade. A 5052 aluminum sheet has primary alloys of aluminum, magnesium, and chromium. The sheets have moderate resistance to corrosive and harsh environmental conditions. The asme sb209 5052 h32 aluminum sheet is lightweight and requires lower maintenance. The sheets have a density of 2.68 g/cm3 and has a melting point of 605 degrees c.

An h32 aluminum strip has outstanding thermal conductivity and enhanced electrical resistivity. These strips can be readily welded following standard methods. Alu 5052 plate has a tensile strength between 210 to 260mpa with a minimum yield strength of 130mpa. These plates possess a hardness of 61 brinell max.

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5052 Aluminum Sheet Specification

5052 Aluminum Sheet Properties

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5052 aluminum vs 6061 cost

The 5052 and 6061 are aluminum alloys that are lightweight and have good corrosion resistance. The 5052 aluminum sheet price is less expensive than the aluminum 6061 specifications.


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What is the difference between aluminum sheet and plate in use?

Aluminum plate is designed in thickness above 6mm and allows it to provide stability and support to different applications. The 5052 aluminum plate is designed in thicknesses between 0.5mm to 6mm. The sheets are used to provide an aesthetical outlook and not support like plate steel.


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Which filler metal used for welding 5052 aluminum sheet?

The aluminium 5052 sheet has excellent weldability. The 5052 h32 aluminum perforated sheet is used to weld using the correct filler material. The filler material used for welding is 5154, 5454, 4043, 5534, or 5356.


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3003 vs 5052 aluminum

The 3003 and 5052 are common aluminum alloys that are the two most widely specified alloys across the aluminum industry. The 3003 aluminum has manganese as its primary alloy, while the aluminium 5052 h32 sheet is primarily alloyed with magnesium. The 5052 has superior strength when compared to the al 3003 grade. The 5052 aluminum hot rolled plate has better corrosion resistance, especially in marine and saltwater systems. The aluminium 3003 grade is cheaper than the uns a95052 cold rolled plate.


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Is 5052 aluminum plate is marine grade ?

The aluminum plate 5052 is a heat treatable alloy that has superior strength. A 5052 aluminum plate has excellent resistance to corrosion, especially in marine environments. The plates have good workability and strength that make them a good choice in the industry.