Aluminium 6082 T6 Plate

aluminium 6082 t6 plate

What is aluminium 6082 t6 plate ?

Aluminium 6082 t6 is temper hardened medium-strength grade. Aluminium 6082 t6 plate has a chemical content of aluminum, manganese, iron, magnesium, silicon, copper, zinc, chromium, titanium, and other alloys. This allows the asme sb209 uns a96082 plate to have good resistance to corrosive affluents. These plates have superior strength and are known in structural alloy specifications.

The 6082 t6 plates are generally designed in hot or cold rolled types. The 6086 t6 aluminium hot rolled plate is produced at elevated temperatures till they reach its recrystallization limit. These plates have good machinability and workability. A din 3.2315 cold rolled plate is processed at room temperature soon after the hot rolling process. The plates have enhanced strength and bolster an aesthetical outlook to different specifications.

The plates are known to work well across harsh environments. The 6082 t6 mechanical properties consist of different tensile and yield strengths. These plates have a minimum tensile strength of 295mpa with a minimum proof stress of 240mpa. The astm b209 6082 t651 coil has a hardness of 89 hb brinell max. These properties allow them to be used in highly stressed applications, structural systems, transportation, etc. The aluminium 6082 t6 equivalent grade are aa6082, he30, din 3.2315, iso al si1mgmn, etc.

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Aluminium 6082 t6 sheet specification and heat capacity | ask price list from stockists of alloy 6082 t651 plate in all sizes

Aluminium 6082 T6 Plate Specification

Aluminium 6082 T6 Plate Properties

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6082 t6 vs 6061 t6

The 6082 and 6061 t6 are tempered materials that have near identical characteristics. The aw 6082 t6 strip has a higher tensile and yield strength compared to the 6061 t6 specifications.


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What heat treatment is required in order to bend aluminium 6082 t6 plate without having it break?

The aluminium 6082 t6 grade plate is annealed at temperatures of 412 degrees c. The plates can be efficiently bent using this method.


En 6082 t6 perforated sheet and slitting coil are available for purchase online, together with a complete set of mill test reports, check how to know the quality of aw 6082 t6 material.


When the seller won’t disclose the aluminium alloy 6082 t6 sheet material’s quality, how can you assess it?

The best way to access the quality of the material is via visual inspection. Certain sheets may have markings about mill certifications that allow users to check the material quality.


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Why do en aw 6082 t6 sheet not rust easily?

The aluminum 6082 t6 alloy is designed with excellent chemical composition. The en aw 6082 t6 sheet allows them to have good corrosion resistance in outdoor environments. These sheets don’t rust easily under harsh conditions. Aluminium alloy 6082 t6 sheet has good welding quality and works well in different environments.


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How should we choose the thickness of an aluminium 6082 t6 plate?

The aluminium 6082 t6 plate thickness is important criteria, allowing you to use them in different applications. Alloy 6082 t6 chequered plate thickness is based on the applications of the material. Generally, the plates are designed in thicknesses above 6mm.