Aluminium Checker Plate

aluminium checker plate

What is aluminium checker plate ?

The Aluminium checker plate is a durable metal specification. Aluminium Checker
Plate has distinctive raised shapes designed in different sizes. The other side of this plate is plain. The versatile Aluminium Chequered Plate is lightweight and possesses good strength. The strength of these plates is similar to that of flat aluminium plates. The Ali Checker Plate has a decorative feature that gives an aesthetical outlook to different applications.

This robust Patterned sheet showcases an excellent anti-slip surface with self-draining capabilities. This equipment can be quenched or tempered to increase its hardness and strength. The Aluminium Checker Plate Price is dependent on the size, thickness, customizations and any other specifications requested by the customer. Aluminum Checker Plate Suppliers supply these plates with different coatings, giving them an outstanding finish.

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Aluminium checker plate sizes, specifications, chemical composition, mechanical properties and equivalent grades

Aluminium Checker Plate Specification

Aluminium Checker Plate Chemical Composition

Aluminium Checker Plate Mechanical Properties

Aluminium Checker Plate Equivalent Grade Chart

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How can the best aluminium tread plate be selected?

Choose a reliable vendor who can be trusted to supply quality aluminium tread plates. The Aluminium Tread Plate vendor should also provide all required test certifications to meet customer’s demands.


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What is standard thickness of aluminum checker plate?

aluminum checker plate standard thickness is between 1.2 mm to 10 mm


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How is the aluminium tread plate made?

The aluminium tread plate can be designed by hot rolling the material at extreme temperatures. The Aluminium Checker Plate 3mm can also be stamped and pressed with the appropriate design.


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How challenging is it to weld an aluminium chequered plate?

The chequered aluminium plate has dissimilar surfaces, which makes welding difficult. A 4×8 Aluminum Checker Plate further has softer welded joints that have low strength coefficients. The welded plate is prone to pores and thermal attacks. This is why the welding process of the Aluminium Checker Plate Sheet requires a high energy intensity method with superior welding speeds.


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How do I cut a checkered aluminium plate?

The Aluminium checkered plate can be cut using a circular saw. Users can make use of a carbide tipped blade for efficient cutting.