IS 1161 yst 210 pipe

IS 1161 YST 210 pipe

What is IS 1161?

For simple carbon steel pipes used in structural applications, there is a specification known as IS 1161. IS 1161 carbon steel tubes for structural purposes, hot-finished welded (also called as HFW) or hot-finished seamless tubes may be manufactured in accordance with this specification.
Along with the existing techniques, IS 1161 YST 210 could also be built using the high-frequency induction welding (HRIW) or electric resistance welding (ERW) technologies. This standard requires that specifics like the nominal size of the pipe be included when designating Carbon Steel IS 1161 Welded Pipe.

IS 1161 Yst 210 chemical composition and specification

IS 1161 Yst 210 Pipe Specification

IS 1161 Yst 210 Pipe Properties

IS 1161 Yst 210 Pipe Dimensions

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IS 1161 yst 210 vs 310

The mechanical properties of IS 1161 YST 210 tubes and IS 1161 YST 310 tubes differ from one another. Comparatively if we determine then, carbon steel IS 1161 YST 210 tubes have a higher tensile strength than carbon steel IS 1161 YST 310 tubes.
Additionally, yield strength is higher for grade YST 310 tubes than for grade YST 210 tubes. For less than 25.4 mm (about 1 in), both classes have the same elongation %. Grade YST 310 pipes have a lower elongation percentage than Grade YST 210 pipes as we advance toward greater than 25.4 mm (about 1 in).

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What are the finishes of IS 1161 ERW pipe?

Both hot-finished welded (also referred to as HFW) and hot-finished seamless in IS 1161 ERW Pipe can be made. Producers start with such a grain or a sizable square metal piece to initiate the hot-rolled steel finishing process. The chuck moves to the pre-processing step after it has been adequately heated, in which a big roll flattens & provides a smooth-out it.
Excellent material for purposes that do not need the tight dimensional specifications and high level of surface quality that CDS tubes deliver is hot finishes seamless (HRS) tubing, also referred to as HFS and hot finished seamless. HRS pipe is less expensive than CDS pipe.

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What are the grades of IS 1161 yst steel pipe?

YST 210, YST 310, YST 340, & YST 355 are among the grades of IS 1161 Pipe. By using the extrusion technique, which involves passing hot billets of metal through it. To accurately shape them to the appropriate size, high-strength grade IS 1161 Gr YST 210 Seamless Tube is produced.
IS 1161 gr YST 310 is a type of structural carbon steel. The IS 1161 YST gr 310 Tube was produced using the chemical elements C, Mn, P, & S. Carbon steel pipes made to IS 1161 gr YST 240 are regarded as having a long lifespan.

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What is the purpose of IS 1161 yst 210 tube?

IS 1161 Grade YST 210 Steel Tubes used for structural use. Pillars, pilings, building support structures, sewage lines, & signal poles are a few examples of the utilization. These pipes are also referred to as premium line tubes. The IS1161 Steel Pipe goods come in a variety of sizes and types.
The IS 1161 grade YST 210 Hot Finished Welded Tube is used to transmit a variety of materials. For example, 4923 gr YST 210 Piping Systems are used for transporting liquids like freshwater and petroleum. They are also used to transport or pharmaceuticals together with gasses, air, etc.,

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IS 1161 grade yst 210 vs 355

The elemental makeup of IS 1161 YST 210 seamless boiler tube and IS 1161 YST 355 seamless boiler tube differs. The carbon content of grade 210 tubes is lower than that of grade 355 tubes. Each type of manganese is distinct from the others.
Different mechanical characteristics distinguish grade 210 tubes from grade 355 tubes. Grade 210 tubes’ tensile and yield strengths are lower than those of grade 355 tubes. Additionally, the corrosive resistance varies across these grades. Due to their tensile and yield strengths, these grades are used in a variety of applications.