IS 5504 pipe

IS 5504 Pipe

What is is 5504 spiral welded pipes?

5504 is an Indian standard specification which covers the requirements of spiral seam welded steel pipe. The diameter range of the IS 5504 Spiral Welded Pipes is between 457 mm and 3250 mm, and they can have wall thickness up to and including 25 mm. These pipes are very efficient and cost effective. They are very flexible and hence are used for transmitting gas, water, and oil at different pressure and densities over a long distance. They are used for challenging and varied applications and they are manufactured to meet high standards. They can have different surface coatings like epoxy coating, coal tar tape coating, cement mortar lining, etc., so as to enhance their corrosion resisting properties.

IS 5504 Pipe Properties and specification

IS 5504 Pipe Specification

IS 5504 Pipe Properties

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What is BIS?

BIS or Bureau of Indian Standards is the Indian national standard body. It marks and gives quality certificates to goods, like Bureau of Indian Standards 5504 pipe. The BIS standard indicates superior quality using the latest technology and equipment. The BIS fittings are very efficient, effective, durable and long lasting. These pipes are quite affordable too.

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How is 5504 spiral welded pipes made ?

The IS 5504 spiral seams welded pipes are produced from steel coils which are unwounded and unflattened. Herein the flattened strip is formed by angled rollers into the cylinders of the given diameters. There are internal and external SAW which seals the spiral seam. At the end of a coil, another coil is butt-welded to form a cross seam. They are cut to length and the ends are beveled, if required.

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Where indian standards 5504 pipe is suitable ?

The Indian Standards 5504 pipe is particularly suitable for the water distribution system.

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Which protective coating is used in is 5504 spiral seams welded pipes ?

The IS 5504:1997 pipe is given two part epoxy coating which is a protective coating that enhances its toughness and corrosion resistance properties. They can be given other types of protective coating like coal tar tape coating and cement mortar lining.

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Why repair welding procedure is required for bis 5504 pipe ?

Due to the spiral shape of the BIS 5504 pipe, repair welding is required for removing the cracked material by arc gouging. The pipe is then welded for rejoining on either sides of the crack.