IS 9295 tubes

IS 9295 tubes

What is is 9295 steel tubes ?

IS 9295 is a standard specification for steel tubes that are mostly used as idlers that support the active side of the belt conveyors. The IS 9295 Steel tubes are also used for troughing idler set that supports the belt present in a troughed belt conveyor. They have outer diameter within the range of 63.5 mm to 219.10 mm, and its wall thickness ranges between 3.65 mm to 7.10 mm.

IS 9295 pipe weight chart, chemical composition, equivalent standard and specification

IS 9295 Tubes Specification

IS 9295 Tubes Properties

IS 9295 Tubes Dimensions

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Which property of is 9295:1983 erw steel tubes make it suitable for idlers belt conveyors ?

The IS 9295:1983 ERW Steel Tubes are suitable for idlers belt conveyors because it is capable of operating in harsh environments, which includes dirt, dust, humid, and very high or low temperatures.

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What are types of is:9295 -1983 steel tubes?

There are two types of IS:9295 -1983 Steel tubes: welded and seamless.

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What is drift expansion test perform on is 9295 tubes?

In the drift expansion test performed on IS 9295: Steel tubes for idlers for belt conveyors, a conical mandrel is pressed into a tube specimen. The process is done through a material testing machine according to the inner diameter of the tube and then the tube is left to expand. The test is completed when the expansion value defined in the specification is reached. It helps to measure the ductility of the steel tube.

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What are grades of indian standards 9295 steel tubes ?

The Indian Standards 9295 Steel tubes are available in different grades, like YST 210, 240, and 310.

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What is manufacturing process of bureau of indian standards 9295 tubes ?

The Bureau of Indian Standards 9295 tubes are manufactured by one of the following processes:

  • Hot-finished seamless (HFS)
  • Cold-finished seamless (CDS)
  • Hot-finished welded (HFW), and
  • Electric resistance welded (ERW)
  • High frequency induction welded (HFIW)