IS 3589 fe 410 pipe

is 3589 fe 410 pipe

What is IS 3589 Fe 410 pipes?

These pipes are renowned for their durability & thermal tolerance. They can easily be stretched by 20 to 25mm (about 0.98 in) and have a minimum tensile strength of 320Mpa. Good dimensional correctness & quality may be found in the pipes & tubes made from IS 3589 Fe 410 pipes.
The schedule for these is 3589 gr 410 Steel Seamless Pipe range from SCH 40 up to SCH 160 & XXS. The IS 3589 Fe 410 Seamless Pipe is also ideal for the application of the transportation of wastewater. These sturdy tubes are a great contribution to both water pipelines & sewage treatment systems since they can withstand a variety of harsh situations.

IS 3589 Fe 410 chemical composition, equivalent and specifications

IS 3589 Fe 410 Pipe Specification

IS 3589 Fe 410 Pipe Properties

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IS 3589 gr 410 vs 330

The levels of carbon and phosphorus in IS 3589 Fe 410 are present and IS 3589 Fe 330 specifications are different. Compared to Grade Fe 330 pipes, Grade Fe 410 pipes include greater manganese and carbon. Additionally, they have various mechanical characteristics from one another.
Compared to Grade Fe 330 pipes, Grade Fe 410 pipes have a higher yield point and tensile strength. Compared to Grade Fe 410 pipes, Grade Fe 330 pipes have a higher proportion of elongation. High thermal conditions are suitable for grade Fe 410. They have a moderate level of overall corrosion resistance, which contributes to their lifetime employment.

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What is the equivalent of IS 3589 gr 410 steel seamless pipe?

The corresponding material to IS 3589 gr Fe 410 Mild Steel Pipe is BS 1387/1935. Both pipes are offered in three different classes: low (A-class), moderate (B Class), & heavy (C Class). It has high durability and is equivalent to ASTM in the IS 3589.
Increased quality materials are used to make pipelines & tubing of this category. They feature a stable structure, which is uncommon in tubes. The European specification EN 10255:2004 has taken the position of BS 1387:1985 in the market (implemented by the UK national standard committee as BS EN 10255/2004, “Non-alloy metal pipe used for welding or threading”).

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Is IS 3589 grade Fe 410 ERW pipe corrosion resistant?

The IS 3589 Gr 410 pipes are renowned for their resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Additionally, it is resistant to chemicals, which can extend its work life. Corrosion resistance is a characteristic that indicates how a IS 3589 Fe 410 tube’s inherent qualities deteriorate over time as a result of environmental reactions.
Stainless steels are alloys that withstand corrosion and have a minimal amount of carbon in them. Its corrosion resistance is improved by further surface modification like galvanization, black iron coating, etc. Zinc is applied as a protective layer to IS 3589 Gi Pipe, enhancing its corrosion resistance.

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What is IS 3589 grade 410 GI pipe price difference in India and south Africa

India has a lower price for IS 3589 grade 410 Gi Pipe than South Africa. The pricing variations across different nations can be attributed to several factors. A few of them include

  • Everything abides by the market forces laws of economics. Steel costs rise when the production sector expands because more businesses need steel, but there is a limited supply.
  • Carbon steel and scrap pricing and accessibility directly affect the cost of making steel.
  • The legislation is a very potent driver of fluctuations in steel prices. Policies governing exports and imports, macroeconomic laws that influence currencies, and sustainability policies are those that contribute most to the worldwide steel industry.
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What is the hardness of IS 3589 gr Fe 410 mild steel pipe?

IS 3589 grade Fe 410 tubes are linear Cr excellent hardenability steels that are typically provided hardened & annealed in the stress range of 700 – 850 Mpa (state R) & Brinell range 201 – 255. They have adequate resistance & moderately excellent corrosion resistance.
The carbon compositions of the product, additional alloying components, and the austenite grain size all affect how hardenable Fe 410 ERW Pipes are. Many alloys can be heated by the tempering process, which is used to give cold-rolled & cold-worked alloys varying degrees of hardness. The hardness diminishes as the tempering heat rises.